Sunday, August 10, 2008


I emjoy emailing my boys. Ki loves it! He always emails me a respose even if it's just to say "OK. I WILL". We email back and forth via his ALEKS account. I like to always remind him to do his Brain Gym before he does his Aleks. and maybe give him a little challenge or ask him a question. For Monday I told him to do 15 minutes in Quicktables, then to get some chocolate covered rasins from me for doing his second 15 minutes on ALEKS. He eats 1 for each math problem he does. (for his first 10 )

Connor almost never emails me back, but I like to send him an online message in the morning with a reminder or idea or advice about his math. He heard about Ki's Choc raisins and wanted something similar. So I sent him a message telling him I have a treat for him to eat while doing his math. (froz choc chips) - 1st 10.

Gavin sent me an email about needing dad's help to understand some of the questions. In his message I told him to make sure he asks dad when he gets home and asked if he wanted me to switch him to Algebra 1 for a while.

I also sent 'regular' emails to G&K concerning their SAT Question of the Day. Gavin has been doing them daily- but we thought just doing them f rom your email box was all you needed to have them keep your score. I just discovered they need to SIGN IN to their SAT page before they answer the question for it to count on their little percentage chart. So I emailed that info to them.

I noticed Connor have about 10 emails (from Aug 3 to now) as he just hasn't bothered checking. He's just not as into it as gavin. Who seems to email a girl from our Church in Ohio- daily. It's neat. They both have big struggles with dyslexia and they will exchange different things about their dyslexia stuggles. Gavin is getting a little better with his spelling, too, from all his emailing. He emails 2 guy friends from Ohio. almost daily. And he has a couple friends iin the homeschool group here with whom he ocassionaly exchanges emails.

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