Friday, August 29, 2008

Little Update

Just to keep all (3) of my readers current. Actually I may have more. But I have been bad about reading others' blogs. But I just found out how I can link to blogs on my homepage here, so leave me a note if I used to read you and I'll link to you here so I can easily check out your blog. Still waiting for my mom to get a blog.

*Boys just have reading/math
*Boys have an extra hour of computer
*Gavin has a slumber party here tonight for his birthday. 2 homeschool friends.
*I need to bike to the store and make a cake.
*I plan on trying out the coffee shop for school lesson planning
*Connor will be getting upper braces in October
*Gavin will be 15 on Sunday.
*My grass is getting green in front
*I have only used my dryer twice. Still hanging clothes outside.
*I can see mountains from my bedroom window-just barely
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