Sunday, August 3, 2008

unschooling works

Ki is going to be in the 6th grade. he has never done well in math. he gets easily confused. He decided to do the SAT question of the day. it was a MATH question. So I read it to him. It was:

For a certain Triangle the (BCline) [written mathematically, I don't have the font. a BC with a line over it]
ANYWAY- there is a triangle. BCline = 2 and ACline=12. What does ABline equal?

and he drew the triangle and filled in the info and said "It's 12." and explained why (the most important part, I think). He was correct and only 49% of the people who answered got it correct!
He did a Grammar question last week on the SAT question of the day (his big brothers do them so he likes to do them, too, of course).

He reads about 2 grades 'below level' and has dyslexia and dysgraphia, so we doesn't write much. Ho got that question correct as well.

I guess I shouldn't worry so much about him. Though his 'daily performance' isn't always 'grade level', he's obviously a smart kid and can figure things out when he needs/wants to do so- eventhough we let him go at his own pace and only learn when he's ready and what he wants to be learning (for the most part). Once again I am reminded the reason we homeschool is to teach them HOW to learn, not to have them memorize a bunch of facts.
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