Friday, August 22, 2008



Outside, in the shade

Full Sunlight

I bought some UV BEADS from Steve Spangler's Website. They are white until exposed to UV light. Then they turn colors. Today I gave each boy about 10 white beads. they don't change colors i the house. They closed their hands and we went outside. We sat and I had them close their eyes and open their hands. When they opened their hands, their beads were no longer white, but all colored. They realy liked that. Then we sorted colors and made them white. They we took 3 reds. Used 2 different sunblocks and 1 without. Then out them in the sun to watch the differneces. Our Sunblocks are old and don;t work well. Then I used my sunglasses. Put one purple behind the lense and one in the full UV. We tried black and white paper, but that made no difference. Ki tried his in soapy water, it slowed down the change a little. Then they just had fun playing.

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