Sunday, August 17, 2008


Albino Snakes and Asymmetrical Necklace. 2 of my topics. We attended a Family Day City Picnic at the Main Park here. They had a "Zoo to You" presentation. It's a shelter for abandoned Animals- but not domestic animal. They had a Sloth, a Spider Monkey, a toucan, hissing cockroaches and an Albino Python. Connor was selected to help hold the Python.

They had kinds of booths and freebees. And Selling booths. It was more like a mini fair. Brian and I got registered to vote, I found a Pampered Chef Lady, I was given a Free Energy Saving Lightbulb, Brian entered a contest to win a Free Lasik Surgery and I bought a Necklace.

Which brings me to my 2nd WORD. It is an asymmetrical necklace. Part of it really bugs me- being asymmetrical and yet I was strangely drawn to it's un-symetrical-ness.
Most necklace have their main midpoint bead (or whatever) and then they beads extending on the sides are the same on each side. This isn't. But it is slightly off center in this picture.
Brian asked if I was really his wife. I am never asymetrical about anything. I had been looking for the perfect necklace to go with this dress. It has upside-downAfrican Ladies on it. This seemed to be the perfect necklace for a dress with upside down people on it.

Yes, I like dresses and sometimes a necklace. I like to 'look girly' but not act it. Like yesterday I was wearing my India Outfit and climbing the tree. I'll wear a dress and dissect a bumble-bee.
Dresses are just way more comfortable. But I can't go hiking or rock climbing in a dress.
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