Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I need to finish planning Connor's school. He actually likes to be told every little thing to do- he just likes to have the whole weeks' worth of it told to him on Monday.

I need to go through and tell him exactly what problems on which pages for each session for a few things still.

Everything is off balance this week with Brian gone and the boys have play rehearsal every day on Base. I have a couple appointments this week and a few phone calls to make.

Gavin's birthday is quickly approaching. I need to figure out what to do for that. i don't have too plan anything for Ki's birthday this year though since Brian is taking him to Ohio over his birthday.

I need to find a quiet little cafe with Internet connection. I think and plan better out of the house away from the distractions,.

I need to find a place or group of people that does a Board Game Night. I may have to start my own Game Club.
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