Saturday, August 30, 2008

That Can't be what you mean--

We have 2 boys over for Gavin's Slumber Party. As they were cutting cake and serving Ice Cream, Connor asked why there was no Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Robert says his mom would kill for mint chocolate chip ice cream! Connor, a bit taken a back, says "what??" Robert says his mom loves Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and would kill to get it. Then he engages in some deep topic, like snake venom, with Ben, Ki, and Gavin. Connor keeps calling him. but is getting so concerned he keeps mixing up Ben and Robert's names.
"Ben... I mean Robert.. what do you mean your mom would kill for Mint Chocolate chip Ice cream."
No reply as R is busily gabbing with the other boys.
Connor keeps asking over and over.
"Ben!-- I mean Robert...""Why would she kill for it?"
"What do you mean she would kill for it?"
"Robert! Would she really kill someone?"
"So, if someone had a bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream your mom would kill them and take it???"

Noting the rise in Connor's Concern and the lack of an answer I reassured him that Robert's mom wouldn't really kill anyone, that is just a saying that means she likes it VERY VERY much." Don't worry, his mom won't kill anyone."

Connor is pretty literal, esp when he doesn't know the person well. and we have never used that strong of a phrase, "I'd kill to get it."
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