Monday, September 8, 2008


Outside My Window... Tree tops and some roof tops. The bedroom is above the garage, I just see treetops, wires and a couple roof tops right now.

I am thinking... That I am tired of hearing people worry about what curriculum they need to use to homeschool their 3 yr old and where they can get workbooks and worksheets to do with their 2 yr old. Threatening to spank a 5 yr old daily when he gets frustrated with homeschooling that doesn't work and upsets the mom.

I am thankful for... Opportunities (to homeschool, to be a mom and wife, to live in a new place, everything is an opportunities.

From the kitchen... I can hear the dishes calling-"Please Clean Me!"

I am wearing... my Salwar Kameez from India (pic not of mine, but similar)

I am creating... a plan for my Sewing Project

I am take some Excedrin soon

I am reading... right now? This meme. I am about to start a new book for a ladies book club called Three Cups of Tea

I am hoping... Ki has a great trip and a great birthday in Ohio with his dad and grandparents!

I am hearing... the neighbor's gardening with the weed whacker thingy, Connor Playing Regnum, a ball bouncing, the dishwasher, occasional car

Around the house... things are getting organized.

One of my favorite things... my olive tree.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Do some gardening, help Ki get packed for his trip, buy some fabrics and have my sewingmachine cleaned and tuned.

Here is picture thought I am sharing:

Brian took this picture. I like how it did a double moon picture.
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