Monday, September 29, 2008

numbers and the wheelbarrow

I feel odd (opposite of even) when I have more entries in the month than there are days for the month. It's like the number day is my blog limit. Today is 29th and I have 28 entries so I can go ahead and do this one that I wanted to do tonight. I think I will do a bullet list entry of today's events.

  • Gavin wrote a blog in which he lamented his state of boredom.

  • So at 11:30 I took them on a walk so he'd have something that made today different, so he can remember it, as he has been saying all his days are the same and flow into one which makes it seem like time is slipping by and nothing happens.

  • On our walk we saw a neat spider....

  • ...met the new friends down the street who homeschool and sold (gave ) me a lot of great plants for my yard...

  • ... we met Lu at Coffee Diem and she enjoyed talking to the boys and used a little Spanish with them. She told the boys they could call her Nanna Lu...

  • ... went to the mall, to the game store. Signed up for the mailing list and looked at their gaming room. Boy, so I miss Krystal Keep! ...

  • ... ate lunch in the mall. (Chinese and Sbarros)

  • ... stopped at Coffee Diem for their Student Special $1 fruit smoothies. I knew Connor wouldn't like his so I didn't order one for me. After he tasted his and gave it to me, I gave him a $1 for some mini powdered doughnuts. (crack doughnuts as Brian and I sometimes call them due to their addictive nature and white powder)

  • walked home down Cat Street. I was the 1st to point out the cats. 2 of them today.


  • I talked to the Game Store owner about starting a Board Game on Thursdays. Sundays seem to be somewhat open and Saturdays only seem to have one function, I'd like to so some Kid Game Days maybe. I also talked to him about demoing Looney Lab Games.

  • M from down the street, who sold the plants to me stopped by and looked over what landscape I have to work with and helped with some ideas (and gave advice for my gnarly, deformed lemon tree).

  • The boys and I are going geocaching tomorrow. I plan to hit 2 caches. I need to pack dome trinkets and food/water tonight.

  • We are going to the Reagan Library Friday. It's a long drive. I am not looking forward to that part.

  • The AFB finally got someone for boys gymnastics so my boys can start taking that class. They keep asking about it and when they can take gymnastics and telling me how much they want to. So we now have this gas usage event on our calendars.

PHOTO/Story. On Sunday I took my blue wheelbarrow all the way to Park Street to the Plant Sale. I wanted to walk, it's just 3 blocks- a waste of gas. and I didn;t want to carry a bunch of cacti home in my arms, so I got the trusty wheelbarrow and rolled it all the way down the street. I figured if the trucks and trailers can make all that commotion on the street as early ad 5AM, then I can rumble down the road with my blue wheelbarrow at 8:30 AM. After I pick out a few plants, M offers to just load them in his truck and take them to my house so I didn't have to push them in my blue wheelbarrow as it might tip. I told it was fine, my dad taught me well in the art of wheelbarrow-ing. He said he didn't doubt my wheelbarrow talent, just thought it be easier.

It was fine. Not off balanced or anything. I could have done an obstacle course with the blue wheelbarrow of succulents. But is was nice of him to offer and he came by with more plants later. I'll have to have wife and girls over for a picnic sometime. (the boys and I got to say hi to her and her girls today on our walk)

Here I am with my Blue Wheelbarrow and my new plants---

Queen of the Wheelbarrowers!

**** coming soon--- pictures of my plants!
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