Sunday, September 28, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

For SEPTEMBER 29, 2008

Outside my Window... A New Day begins without waiting for the sun. I, personally, like to wait for the sun to begin my day with it's warmth and light, but big ol' delivery trucks and Fast Food places don't seem to want to wait for the slow sun to make it up over the mountains and out west.

I am thinking... If Brian had brought the cat in last night I'd still be sleeping, like the sun.

From the learning rooms... aren't they all learning rooms somehow? What about from the learning backyard? Today will be a fairly structured day as we need to get back into doing school. Ki and his Missions and Zoology, Connor-geology&civics, Gavin-physics and economics, bible, math, reading for all...

I am thankful for... our church we found (link here). My mom has a blog(link), so she can keep me up to date with things back in Ohio.

From the kitchen...the dishes finally have given up asking to be washed and the floor is resting in the realization that it might not get mopped till later. And PANCAKES are for breakfast.

I am wearing... PJ pants and a sweater.

I am reading... Same thing as last week. Three Cups of Tea. and my Bible. Ki's science book to him and Gavin's Economics to him.

I am hoping... I get my Base ID ....... someday

I am creating... something for Ki.

I am hearing... Cars, Trucks, Sleeping Boys (someone has a cold), cat food being bitten, and of course the keyboard clacking

Around the house... not doing enough house cleaning- as always. I'd rather go outside and play and do things with my kids. I guess it's enough housework for me.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... ENT, Orthodontist, Homeschool PE, Elections Class, Farmers Market, school planning, planting succulents, walking to a new friend's, biking, Discipleship class

PICTURE FOR TODAY: The trinket I took from the cache. a green carabiner. I left colored pencils & a large butterfly paperclip. Read about my 1st GeoCache adventure here.
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