Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blue Moose

I decided it was time to review paragraph writing. (this whole essay on the SAT test has me a little concerned) So we reviewd sequence again. This was doine by having each of the boys tell all about what they did that day or the day before- but tell it to me totally out of sequence. Connor loved it! He did a great job. Gavin actually had trouble. He'd tell 2 things swapped. ike the 2nd thing, then the first thing. The 4th thing then the 3rd thing. The 6th thing thent he 5th thing.

After that we moved to outlines. Roman Numeral One- What I did Satturday--
I. What I did Satruday
A. Morning
B. Afternoon
So on and So forth. Like always, Connor asks me if it's allowed to be fiction. I always say yes.

Connor (13) (to whom no spoons even exist):
---1. I woke up
---2.I fell asleep
---3. I woke up again
---1. I ate breakfast.
---2. I ate Lunch
---1. I got dinner
---2. fell asleep
What i DID Sunday
---1. made evil plans
---2. Went to church
---3. Ate breakfast
---1. I took a nap
---2 I ate a snack
---1. I ate dinner
---2. I did the evil plan (blew up the planet Earth with a 1,000,000 megaton anti-matter bomb)

Then we talked about adding adverbs, adjectives and prepositional phrases to sentences. I tolf them that I wanted 8 adverbs, 9 adjectives and 10 prepostional phrases.
I What i DiD SaturDay (he often capitalizes all 'd' s)
--A morning
---- I woke from unDer the Bed.
---- I fell asleep unDer the Bed
--- I woke up again unDer the Bed. ( also, 'b's are almost always capital- funny the ending 'd' is right)
----I ate a slimy Breakfast Quickly.
----I Slowly Had a Good Lunch (not sure why so much is capitalized there.)
---- I got a Blue Dinner over a Poorly Built moose.
----I clumsily fell asleep at red Jupiter.
II. What I DiD SunDay.
-I quickly made evil green plans in a Beetle.
- I slowly went to a spikey, Blue church under a rat.
-I quickly took a yellow nap in a Bowl. (this kid needs more variety in adverbs)
- I softly ate a sticky snack under a fast cup.
-I DiD the evil plan in a sock

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