Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Feeling Bloggish

Wednesdays are my NEW favorite Day of the week. Wednesday is FARMERS MARKET DAY! It's a nice bike ride and one of my boys usually goes. Ki or Gavin. Never have both gone at the same time, oddly. But it makes it like a little date. Today Ki came with me. He was tired on the way back, so we stopped at Coffee Diem and split a Mango Ice drink. It was the special of the day. $1. It's nice to be able to just ride and talk with one of them and get a little treat. It was too warm out for Churros today. I wonder if I can talk Connor into coming with me next time. I can bribe him with a churro.

The pluots were very soft. Like they should have been eaten yesterday. The farmer had me try a Friar Pear. WOW! It's very much like a pluot, only better!

It is similar to a pluot in it's looks, but green and almost pear shaped. The inside is orange colored! So I bought 3 of those along with gapes from his stand. $2 a pound.

And the berry farmer had yellow colored raspberries today, along with the strawberries and red raspberries. So I bought a 3 pack (one of each) for $8

I bought grape tomatoes for Gavin. Sometimes I get the cherry tomatoes for him. Grape Tomatoes are his favorite. They are 50 cents more a pound. not a big deal at all. But he'll choose the cherry if he's with me because they cost less. (so I spend $1.50 instead of $2- not a big deal, LOL)

I bought veggies for making my own tabouli to go with the avocado hummus and flat bread that I like to buy there.

The tabouli is made. Gavin is already having it, before it's chilled. I added parsley, a touch of cilantro, tomatoes, onions, a bit of green bell pepper, sea salt, lemon juice and a touch of oil. (to the couscous)

~The berries are washed and bagged. separate bags for my frozen berries for my fruit smoothies.
~Gavin's tomatoes are washed, bagged, half eaten.
~We ate a Friar Pear already.
~I need to wash the grapes and other friar pears.


In Other news:

Gavin did his first science experiment today, took great notes, and did more calculations then was required. He also took 4 other pages of good notes.

Connor is 87% finished with his math program and so far has had 100% retention at the assessments.

Ki is enjoying his Missions studies and his science project. And he did all his reading yesterday. He is normally a slow reader, so I split his stories up into 3 days. He read his whole story in 1 day.

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