Friday, September 19, 2008

Does "Crying It Out" work?

How long till they stop crying all night?

She cried off and on all night. I tried to let her cry and not go to her. I know if I just let her drink like she wants that'll I can get to sleep. But then she just CRIES again later on. But it might be worth it to give in. Then she'd just cry 2-3 times at night and not every stinking hour! How long? How many nights till she figures it out and just comforts herself?

Wait. What's that? What did you say?

You know I don't have a baby. All my kids are boys? How can this be?

I confess. It is not offspring that is crying to drink all night. It is the Feline of the House. You see, my husband taught her to drink from the bathroom sink. Which means she needs someone to turn the water on for her. Being that she is 16 (OLD for cat), she is too arthritic to jump up there herself and in her old age, I think her kidneys aren't the best and she is thirsty ALL the time.

So she YOWLS ans CRIES and YELLS for someone to lift her up and turn the faucet on many often. I would make my husband get up and deal with, since he taught her this lovely trick. Well, he's away on a business trip. I was tired of Pumpkin YELLLING at me all the time to lift her up and turn on the water. I didn't want to just leave her to drink from the water bowl downstairs, because we have another cat and what if he drank all the water and there's none left for my poor little Pumpkin?

So I brought her water bowl up to my bathroom. Soksey knows NOT to go in my bathroom when Pumpkin is there. (which is all the time).

I filled her bowl with fresh water before bed. Then when she CRIED I got up and set her next to the water bowl and showed her it was there. I flicked at the water with my finger even. Then I went to bed. She Cried some more, but eventually stopped and I heard her lapping. The next time she cried that night I let her cry (YELL HORRIBLY) a while, then went in and reminded her where the water bowl was. She didn't want it. She cried forever!!!

I kept that up during the day. Once she did 3 short cried, stopped. I peeked at her and she was at the water bowl drinking. I thought YEAH! She'll leave me alone tonight!

WRONG! She was mad last night. MEOWR! MEOWR! MEOWR! MEOWR! An and on. I went in and showed her bowl eventually after forever. I couldn't take it anymore. Well, that make her mad.

I was too tired to do anything. She Cried and Yelled at me all night. I wonder how much those water bowls with the bottle that pour water out (in a cycle like a fountain) cost??
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