Thursday, September 25, 2008

Walk with me to the Coffee Shop (1)

Yesterday morning I enjoyed a lovely morning of school lesson planning. I also enjoyed a walk to the coffee shop. Here are some pictures. This is house has a common to see yard. No grass, just flowers. It seems easier to keep flowers watered enough to live than to keep the grass pretty and green.

This is a picturing walking down my street. I wonder if I will get used to having palm trees on my street (and in my back yard are tropical palm-looking trees). And cacti in my yard and in the neighbors yards. Still I think "WOW! We have PALM TREES!!! and CACTI! how cool is that!" everytime I see them

This is the section of Speed Street between Mariposa and Las Flores. It's a fun section to ribe my bike on the sidewalk and to walk. See how the sidewalk wiggles- And the yards here have lots of well manicured flower gardens (not the 'overflowing wildflowers instead of grass' look)

Here are some of the them. I like how in a lot of the yards there are perfectly seperated flowers with flat smooth dirt. It looks clean and orderly. No one here uses mulch or those little garden pebbles or lava rocks to cover the dirt.

This house has no grass, just flowers. But they also have little paths and fountains- also common to see here.
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