Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A few Favs and a 'bright' idea! (not)

This Weeks Homeschool Memoir Theme is Favorite Websites and Blog. There is a list of categories and she has multiple entries under the different categories of sites she visits weekly.

I do not have that many online places I visit. My favorite things in life are life, not online websites. Not that her favorite things are online sites, but she sure has a LOT of online browsing weekly to visit all of those.

BLOGS- the blogs I visit are listed on my side bar. My 15 yr old son has a blog, so does my mom, and my top favorite homeschooling mom's blog. I'll mention those in particular. But I always read all the blogs listed on the sidebar! Go say hi and meet a new blogger friend!

BLOG MEME SITES- I frequent the Homeschoolblogawards site to get a new theme and read what other homeschool moms have done. And on Mondays I go to the Simple Woman's Daybook to read what other moms write and do my on Monday Blog with her Meme.

OTHER- I read my Gmail and I have a little group for housewives. we talk about balancing housecleaning and family and stuff like that. I use GOOGLE frequently to research. I guess that's about it for online blog/website type favorites. My kids have some school stuff online.

Another of my favorite things is just to blog about my day and share it with friends and family.

Yesterday was my youngest son's birthday. He is 12 now. He and my husband are in Ohio (we live in CA). So they got to celebrate Ki's birthday with grandparents. I'm so happy for Ki to be able to visit back in Ohio, but I really miss him. I miss Brian a lot, but I am used to being with Ki most the day, every day and I'm used to Brian being gone 10 hours a day often (with driving and a little extra work time) and being gone on occasional TDYs. So I don;t miss him as much during the day when I'm used to him being gone I guess. Whenever I talk to Gavin and Connor or take them somewhere or call them, I keep looking for Ki.

Yesterday I rode my bike to my doctors appointment. Gavin calculated my average velocity, my MPH, the distance, changed miles to kilometers and told me it'd take me an hour. I doubted that. Then I got out my GPS unit and it said the distance was only 5.2 miles. So I figured allowing 40 minutes would be plenty. I learned it is mostly UP HILL to the doctors and that Wendy (my GPS) must have calculated the distance as the crow flies. I also learned that Gavin's physics lesson are beneficial.
So- it was about 7 miles and it did take an hour to get there.
But coming back was down hill and took 43 minutes.

FAVORITE DAY- Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week right now. I ride my bike (about 1 mile) to the Farmers Market. Connor is going to come with me today. He has never come. G&K have. I'm not sure if Gavin is coming today or not. Wednesday are WAFFLES for Breakfast. Today Connor made them.

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