Friday, September 5, 2008

The 4AM Friday Post

Why am I awake at 4 AM? To make myself some tea and do some pre-morning blogging, of course! It's not like I have anything better to do then lie awake at 3 AM for an hour and then decide I might as well get out of bed.

Wait. I did get out of bed at 3AM already. 4 wasn't the 1st time. Why did I get out of bed at 3 AM? To take a walk in my back yard of course. I had to check on my precious olive tree. Besides I wanted to make sure once and for all the "FSHOOOOOOOOOOOO-CHIG-CHIG-CHIG-CHIG-CHIG-CHIG-FSHOOOOOOOOOOOO-CHIG-CHIG-CHIG-CHIG-CHIG-CHIG-" really was coming from the neighbors sprinkler system and not coming from a group of sprinklers all strategically placed directly outside my bedroom windows.

I was right. It's the neighbor who thinks the lawn is best watered at 3 AM.

Then the big loud trucks start zooming down Stowell Rd and vibrating the house. But not at a constant stream. A few whizz by then it is total silence for 4 minutes. Just as I am about to fall back asleep another group of 2-4 rumble down the road.

The awakedness sets my mind to spinning with a dozen thoughts that all overlap each other as they vie for priority among the synapses.

  • do I need just 1 laptop or 2 when Gavin and I go to the coffee shop for Physics test on Monday?
  • Should I go over the Going Places questions with Ki or just mark the ones he needs to correct and let him do it himself.
  • Is it worth it to just cure 6 olives? and if so, do I do green or black? Probably green, but I have never seen an olive in between the stages of green and black. I want to leave 1 on the tree to watch it ripen. Then I am curing just 5 olives.
  • I wonder if I can find a good hummus recipe to make use of the avocados- which won;t be ready to pick till MAY!
  • I really am not sure Sarah should be a VP. I think her kids need 100% of her right now, esp that new little one. I guess I am just sexist and overly Conservative.
  • I wonder if the FOTO FRIDAY post is up yet?
  • I need to go to Trader Joes on Saturday
  • and the thoughts continue. They won't let me sleep.

The hope is that typing them all out will get them out of my head on the laptop and I can catch a few ZZZZZZzzs before 7AM

**Then I wonder--- "what if my neighbor read this? Would he be upset that I didn;t bring the problem to him first before blogging about it? Would he say "I wish you would have told me, I didn;t realize it woke anyone. I'll reset the timer."?

now I feel slightly guilty

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