Monday, September 15, 2008

SIMPLE WOMAN & the Ohio Hurricane!

Outside My Window... A male olive tree swaying in the breeze, the sky, the Phone Line and a Pine Tree. (2nd story- can't see much)

I am thinking... About the Hurricane in ohio! (whre my parents. in laws live & Husband and youngest son are visiting. GAVIN WROTE A BLOG about all the damage and has pictures! Check it out!)

I am thankful for... Their safety and my parents have power, so Ki can stay there and they can help brian and his parents, too.

From the kitchen... only chaos and workcomes from my kitchen today

I am wearing... Jeans, a flowy, garnet colored top with braided straps, my pink slip on shoes that have palms trees and Hibiscus flowers on them.

I am creating... a cacti garden, a blog, a safe lerning environent for my kids. A haven for my husband.

I am going... To be praying for my parents, in laws, Ki and Brian and others in Ohio.

I am reading... "Three cups of Tea"- finally started it.

I am hoping... you read gavin's blog he wrote about he damage to his grandparents house.

I am hearing... hum of the computer. Click of the keyboard, cars, birds, boys talking.

Around the house... lots of stuff that I need to clean today.

One of my favorite things... My palm tree shoes

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: relaxed schooling, checking in with Brian to make sure they are OK, house cleaning. Homeschool PE on Tuesday. Farmers Market on Wed. Youth Group on Thursday.

Here are picture thoughts I am sharing...

DAMAGE to Grammy and Pappy's house
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