Saturday, September 27, 2008


Today I did my very first GEOCACHE hike! (using your GPS to find hidden treasures) I dragged my husband along. He had fun- I think. He puts up with me well. Me and my "bright ideas". He was thinking a half mile walk on the beach. Not a 2 mile hike up a winding hill. But he had his camera and took lots of pictures of birds, bunnies and bugs. He has to convert them so I can access them to put here. He converted a few for so I could put them up today.

Before I left I collected a couple things to leave in the cache. A big Butterfly Paperclip and a Die in a Die- a 10 sided in a clear 10 sided die- really fun. I came down from getting my jacket and the die was gone and in it's place was a handful of colored pencils. Ki said he thought we should keep the die (or is it dice if it is 2 in 1?) and he found some extra colored pencils I can give them instead.

"Hmmmmmm. It's a little farther than I thought."

"If we cut right through there we can get there sooner" (what's a couple little ravines? we can make it)


Filling out the Cache Log.

My husband who is good at going along with my crazy ideas.

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