Friday, September 19, 2008


As I was sipping my breakfast fruit smoothies, I said to my boys (15 &13- the youngest is gone today):
"I think I'll go get dressed and walk to the coffee shop and enjoy a caramel latte while my children stay home and are miserable because they have school work to do."
This makes them laugh and talk about how while I am gone Soksey (their cat) will be the king and they will be his slaves.

Connor has his Geology Study. He asked to learn about geology and I know he'd not do well with any sort of book or curriculum (unlike G&K who are using Apologia to learn their chosen sciences). So I wrote a unit study tailored to Connor's learning style and personality. He opened his book Monday and say a few questions and assumed that was the ONLY page he ad to do this week so He just did half of page 1. I think their were 4 or 5 pages of hand written questions - which isn't much, his notebook is smaller than a full page size and I write large and skip spaces for him. Anyway- he had enough geology to keep busy quite a while. But he only has one math question. He did all his math by yesterday except the LAST thing. He thought it'd be fun or funny or something, to stop right at the last thing and save it for today.

I really do not know what Gavin is doing today.

Sharing some random thoughts that attacked my brain the other day:

I remember Granny Clampett waving her soup spoon at her clan. Sometime telling them it was time for Badger Stew, sometimes mad at Jethro for..whatever new thing he was up to...

I remember the cartoon The Tick! Remember that one? The Tick had a battle cry:

Remember the Show Everybody Loves Raymond. Marie had that large Wooden Spoon hanging on her wall. (you can see the handle behind Ray's head)

The Spoon seems to be a reoccurring theme in TV. Then along come a movie that gives us some inside information on the SPOON.

There is no spoon.

Kinda reminds me of unschooling. The world all knows what the spoon is. The spoon looks like a spoon to everyone. A spoon is a spoon. Everyone knows what a a spoon is and what it does and what it needs to look like to be considered a spoon. There are certain things that require the use of a spoon.

Kids in Public School are the kids with spoons to eat their soup.

Then you have homeschooled kids with all different kinds of spoons that look varied and weird and only sort of spoon like at times.

Then you have us unschoolers who just look at everyone with a tilt to our head and say: "Free Your Mind. There is no spoon." (and the soup probably doesn't really exist either)

This is what I was thinking about while biking home from Target the other day. I missed the turn onto my street becuase I was thinking about spoons.
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