Friday, September 12, 2008


Sometimes on Fridays, the Homeschool Blog Award place has FOTO FRIDAY. I decided to use the /PH/ for both instead of the /F/ for both. And while I'm at it, why not mess with the spelling of Friday. We all have been taught phonics I think- so should be able to sound it out as Friday.

There is no FOTO FRIDAY on the HSBA memoir blog, but that s just TOO BAD! Because I choose my photo last night.

When Gavin turned 15 (last week), Brian took him to a parking lot and let him practice driving the Miata.
On the Homeschool Memoir Blog there is a Fun Friday Post. A story about a little boy choosing to do less on a test to get into an easy class. I have a story along those lines from when I was in school.
When I was in 3rd grade I was moved to the ‘advanced group’ for Spelling (or reading, I forget). The advanced group- in 3rd grade- had up to 60 spelling/vocabulary words a week. with ALL definitions listed for that word in the dictionary and writing a sentence. After a couple weeks I quickly decided it’d be best to flunk out of the advanced group on purpose. what 3rd grader wants all that work daily and testing weekly? It did NOT seem like a way to reward those who were good in reading and spelling.
(From the best I can remember. My childhood memories are a bit scattered and incomplete)

IN OTHER NEWS: Brian and Ki left yesterday and are in L.A. They will be flying to Ohio in a couple hours!
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