Monday, September 1, 2008

A New Outlook

Brian was talking about moving. He thinks he wants to buy a house. Yes, we just moved here less than 2 months ago. I asked when he thinks this would happen. His answer:
6 months to 3 yrs.

TO which I respond: "6 months?? Why am I bothering to unpack or make a garden??"

It will be more like at least 1-2 yrs I bet. Still not long enough to get full benefits from my
garden. And we will most likely NOT find a place with this big a back yard and fruit trees already mature or getting there.

it was sad at first. I really want a garden. I decided I will plant a nice vegetable garden simply because I want to plant a garden and it will be fun. I may be here long enough to enjoy the garden or I may be here just long enough to enjoy planning and planting a garden.

We will be getting a cutting from the neighbor's cactus. Ideally, cacti cuttings should be in the spring. But the seasons here are almost all the same and the cactus is a Prickly Pear- the easiest of all to propagate through cuttings. I do want to get a cactus soil mixture down before we do it.

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