Thursday, May 27, 2010


I changed my gauntlet design. The last one was good, but I wanted something a little better. The thumb opening was a bit too big last time.I am pretty happy with this new design. It fits the hand/thumb better, BUT is a bit loose.
NOW I just hope I took good enough notes so I can make one for my left hand, too.
I cast on 44 (need to cast on 40 next time)
did a few rows of seed stitch.
a few rows of K1P1
Then started into many rows of stockingette.
I added(increases) a few stitches for a few rows each to get to the thumb opening.
I cast Off 3 for the base of the thumb hole then just did the flip Back and Forth for the thumb.
Added a few more stitches at the top of the thumb opening.
Joined it together.
did a few K2TOGs on the upper rows. (which were sets of 3Purls, 4 knits, 2 purls and a purl-stitch Cast Off)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

goddess of love & beauty

Ki is working on a Game for his Mythology LapBook. It's a Astronomy/Mythology Matching Game.
It's like Memory Match, but one card will have the name of a planet or moon and the MATCH will be what Roman god it is.
For Example he has a card that says DEIMOS (moon) and the matching card is "SON of the god of war (Mars)" and another that says VENUS (planet)--and he made this in fancy letters, too... the MATCH is, of course, goddess of love & beauty. He has 9 matches done and 6 more to make.
These are cut in circles out of card stock, round like a moon or planet.

He will highlight a constellation in his lapbook, cut out of a star shape, of course. He is using my Creative Memories Cutting things. It's good for his manual dexterity and fine motor skills. I think I will call it Occupational Therapy for Dyspraxia.

The Pantheon Lego Model isn't going well. We may have to find a different medium for this project.

I noticed today that though I have made sure Ki is doing scripture work with his MayTerm Study, I have not had the older 2 doing it with their Astronomy. So tomorrow they will get to use my Strong's Concordance to look up some Bible Passages.


My gloves are done. I have already thought of a better design I want to try...
Yes, I know, I could just LOOK UP patterns online or at RAVELRY, but what's the fun in that? I am figuring out on my own what works for fingerless gloves and what doesn't. I like reinventing the wheel, I guess.

In June I will be working on my DNA scarf. For this I will be following a pattern, to the letter!

And I will be teaching Ki to knit a hat "In the Round" in June.



Tuesdays are Independent Work days. I go to Bible Study in the morning and The Boys do their morning chores and morning school all on their very own.

G&C have been doing their Morning MayTerm class all on their own the whole month. (Astronomy). I wrote out things for them to research and projects/reports for them to work on for the month, but they are doing everything on their own.

K really needs one on one, constant supervision to get anything of reasonable substance accomplished. On Tuesdays I try to give him a list of things he can do himself, based on what we have been doing together. Usually it is working on his lapbook and reading online links I have found for him. I give him a decent amount to do, expect 1/4 of it to get done, so when he actually gets half of his work done, I'm good with it.

Today when I came home they were all researching how to draw Anime Style and practicing that. Ki had finished his reading book, too. (Number 3 in the Series of Unfortunate Events).

Friday, May 21, 2010

Knitwit. Make that a KnitTwit.

I am working on the second glove. It was going SOOO Nicely. It looked better than thee first.... then I dropped a few stitiches, lost a stitch, and developed a hole. It was all because I thought I was not such a hot-shot knitter that I could knit while watching TV.

NOPE. No Can Do.

So I will take out the last few rows and restart.
I don't even think Cindy can easily fix this one.

* * * * * * * * * *
is still going well. I hoped to get Ki to make a model of the Pantheon out of paper and straws. He tried. But with his dyspraxia, some things are just so hard for him and SO frustrating it's not worth it. He said he'd make it with Legos. The Pantheon has an Oculus. it's cool. Ki wrote some vocab words for the architecture.

Yesterday we had a long drive to visit a short doctor.I had Ki read in Acts 17 about Paul in the Greek temple of 'all the gods'. We talked about how it wasn't THE Pantheon, since it was for 'all gods' it could be called a pantheist temple. Then I showed him how to use the Strong's Bible Concordance to look up verses and had him look up verses that talk about the greek goddess Diana (Artemis). I think he liked that, being able to look up verses like that. I taught him how to look up verses online the other week for his lapbook.

While in Santa Barbara, I pointed out that the entrance to the parking garage had a portico; which was one of his vocab words from the day before.

ASTRONOMY- Gavin is still eating it up with 2 spoons. He loves showing me all the notes and drawing in his Astronomy notebook and due to the Sketch Class this month, his Astronomy notebook is full of little sketches.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AdVenTurEs In kNitTinG (3)

Finished the glove!!!! And thought I see all kinds of little mistakes all over it, I am very pleased with it. It's my own pattern.

Underside View:


Fulll View:

Cuff Close Up:

Finger Opening Close Up:


here is what I did.
Cast On 40 stitches. (join carefully without twisting)
3 rows KNIT
2 rows PURL
3 rows KNIT
2 rows PURL
3 rows KNIT

after that the main pattern/design is started. It is:
K3P2 for the entire row.

row 1 &2 - K3P2 the entire row.
at the end of row 2 FLIP the needles (so the rows will no longer join, this makes the thumb opening)
rows 3 (the first flipped row and is knitting the wrong side) P3K2 then flip it
row 4 (RS) K3P2 flip
row 5 (ws) P3K2 flip

Continue in this manner for a total of 25 rows (for a normal, non-petite, sized hand. for a smaller hand do 20 rows of this)

row 26 is not flipped so it joins in the round. It should be the Right Side (if not, just flip another row to get to the RS and then start in the joined pattern)
do 25 rows of K3P2
3 rows of Knit Stitches
Then I did 2 rows of K1P1
and 3 rows of seed stitch.

Monday, May 17, 2010

AdVenTurEs In kNitTinG (2) AND MayTerm!!

you are in for such a treat! A double post...... Part KNITTING and part MAY TERM schooling!
First, in knitting, I bring your attention to the barfing Yoga Sock

And then to the completed yoga sock that only fits backwards. (wearing the ankle end on the toe end of the foot.)

My other adventures in knitting include learning new stitches for the DNA scarf as well as getting my swatch started for it.

NOW ONTO the excitement that can barely be contained in a single blog.....

........ MAY TERM!!

Today G&C got to skip Astronomy to attend the watching of CLASH of the TITANS (1981) with Ki for his Mythology class.

That was followed my picking of potatoes for dinner

After Poncho Potato Picking on the Precipitation, the boys penned correspondence with our Japanese exchange Student.

and then it was LUNCH followed by SKETCHERS 101, where they practiced their Vanishing Point sketches. Ki needs more practice.... or just more desire.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Adventures in Knitting (1)

I am suprised I can get anything done. ~ I grew tired of the belt I was making for my Renaissance Dress and decided to do something harder. Which will be an adventure seeing as I forget if I am knitting or purling in the middle of a stitch half the time… or if I’m at a right handed or left handed part- in the middle of knitting. I also lose count in the middle of counting- because I get distracted

Following a pattern will be very difficult for me. I get bored after 2-3 rows of what the pattern says and I switch it all around and make things up. (I have only tried to follow a pattern once, for a hat- simpled rolled brim thing, too).

My friend Cindy kinda challenged me to follow a pattern. Maybe doing it based on a 'dare' will be easier than just following a pattern for the sake of following a pattern.

I decided to do a DNA Double Helix Scarf. Wish me Luck. DNA SCARF PATTERN PICTURE

I’m going to go look for yarn and needles today and tomorrow my friend will teach me how to read a pattern


Shopping for the yarn was awful. I had trouble finding yarn that was all it needed to be: 1- the right weight/size/skinniness 2- not itchy 3- a color I like 4- the correct composition (not 100% wool and not 100% cotton)

I came home with 2 different ones, each almost right in different ways.

and yarn/needles to make yoga socks; which I may not wear, we'll see. But they don't have toes or heels. Ki might like them.

The needles I bought for socks are a size 3 and circular. Circular needles always look smaller to me because the stick part is so short.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

MYTHS and DEITIES (MayTerm day 8)

(Welcome to my Litany of May Term Mythology Class.)

I had Ki look up those 2 words in the title and write down the definition. He could talk around the words and get to a long-winded explanation, but I wanted him to have concise definitions for those words. I let him write down the shortest definitions, but we read and discussed the longer, more detailed, definitions.

We read about the story of Eros and Psyche. Part of the mythology study is to see how some words & nomenclature of today are based in Graeco-Roman Mythology. So we talked about the character Psyche and the term psyche, psychology, etc

Also, in this study I like to point out parallels. In the story of Eros and Psyche, Venus basically locks up Psyche giving her the impossible task of sorting grain overnight. An ant feels sorry for her and does it for her, similar to the story of Rumplestilskin. A “monarch/deity” (Venus and the king in the Rumplestilskin story) gives an impossible overnight task (sorting all the different types of grain from a large container/spinning straw into gold) and a being feels sorry for them and helps (the ant/ Rumplestilskin)

I try to break up Ki’s Mythology into the ‘seat work’ (reading/writing/notes) and an activity (Making a craft, lapbook, Legos, etc). Ki had finished his mythological gods VS The True God of the Bible booklets and a Creation Myth/Biblical Account Venn Circles, so today he attached them to his lapbook. His booklets are index cards folded in half (like a book). On the outside is picture of the symbol for which Graeco-Roman god is he doing. When opened, you see on the left hand the name of the G.R. god and a short description. On the right he writes God and puts Bible verses that tell how our God has all those attributes of all the GR gods combined, etc.

Like for Jupiter (Zeus). He has a picture of lighting bolt on the outside. On the inside left is says:


The god of all the gods.

On the right hand side it says:


Deuteronomy 10:17

For the LORD your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God

He did this for 5 of the Graeco-Roman gods and might add a few more later.

His VENN CIRCLES are 3 circles cut of cardstock: One for the Biblical Account of Creation, one for the Roman myth about creation, and one for similarities in the 2.

The Bible on is on Yellow cardstock, the Myth on Red and the Similarities on orange. (he has a smaller white circle on the colored ones to write on.)

He has a 4th circle that is the cover circle. He put holes in each and put them on a loop. He made a pocked for his lapbook to hold his Venn Circles.

Also today for Graeco-Roman Mythology, Ki made rosewater for one of the recipes he is making for us tomorrow. He founds some ancient Roman recipes online to use.

I have taken up enough of your time, so I won’t go into details about Astronomy, Sketchers 101, or other activities of the day. Thanks you for sticking with me till the end of this litany.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

M*T Day 7. Creme & Contour

The Dining Table here is strangely quiet. Quiet, in and of itself, is very rare and strange in a house of 3 boys and a crazy mom. The silence is quickly broken as on of my male offspring asks if he can include that he smelled farts in his paper. I told him to use the word “flatulence” as this is Creative Writing class. This question is quickly followed by another from the same male child, this time asking for a fancy word for “hugging”. His will be an interesting paper of flatulence and embracing.

The activity on C.W. class today is to make 3 lists of descriptive words to go with a scene from Darkshore. The Scene Choices were; “In a Battle”, “At a Courtly Feast”, or “Camping in tents”. The 3 lists were; sights, smells, and sounds. We talked about taking Creative Liberties in writing. I told then I wants to do so. This would be things like listing pine trees under smell even though they may not have smelled them. There were pine trees there and they have smelled Pine Trees in the past so they can say they smelled the pine trees on the Battlefield. Their creative Liberties are to be reasonable, not crazily far-fetched. Ki had a tendency towards the Crazily Far-Fetched side of things. They added their Point Of View to the top of their page then were told to use their lists to write a descriptive sotry from their chosen point of view about their chosen scene.

Guess that scenes they chose.

Yep. In the Battle. All 3 of them.

That was the second class of the day. The first class time of the day was after lunch. Homeschooling is awesome. We can just do school a little later in the day when I have errands in the morning. I biked to the Beauty Supply Store because my Hairdresser, Margie of the Magical blades and Royal Shears, told me that my hair was kinda awful and I needed to buy lots of expensive goopy stuff to fix it, along with a ceramic flat iron. She said the flat iron I use to iron Brian’s shirts doesn’t count. So I have gome from spending about 5 minutes on my hair to brush it & pull it back in a pony tail to having to use Deep Conditioner Treatments , combing it out nice and smoothly, and using the flat iron. I now have less time and less money than I did before. BUT I have a Popular Girl Haircut. My hair is still going through shock and adjustments. It has not looked popular for many years, maybe 30. This may take some getting used to. After looking through a bazillion shampoo choices & half a billion flat iron choices I had to call Magical Bladed Margie to calm me down and help me focus. Then I went to the THRIFT STORE!! YAY! I bought a leopard print stretchy knit dress and 2 belts for my Amtgard garb.

MYYTHOLOGY class – Ki wrote, colored, drew, and looked up Bible verses. Later he’ll read through is recipes and make rose water.

Sketchers 101 was Continuous Contour Drawing. Drawing simple objects and shapes without lifting up the pencils. Ki did not enjoy this so much. He likes drawing, but HIS way. Same with his lapbook. Part of his assignment is to use colors and pictures/drawings/designs. he like just pencil and no details or drawings so he is having to do things he doesn't really enjoy. When he talks and makes up games he is very very imaginative and creative, but when it comes to drawing and writing he has a lot of trouble going beyond the bare minimal basics. Times like MayTerm, when he chooses fun classes he likes is a good time to get him to practice the stuff he doesn't like, like writing and drawing more details and more creatively.

Monday, May 10, 2010

May term Day 5

May Term Day 5.

We did “afternoon school” today because I needed a few hours to get mentally prepared and I wanted to get my picture sorting finished. While I was doing that the boys were outside ‘amtgarding’ and making new boffer weapons. Connor made a flail and is working on sewing the fabric covers for it.

After lunch we did school. G&C worked on their Astronomy Independent Study while I did Mythology with Ki.

Mythology Class was fun and full of variety, like always. We started by researching Ancient Roman and Ancient Greek Recipes. We read about methods and ingredients, Ki took some notes, then he read through the different recipes and found a few he wanted to make.

After that we read about the Capitoline Triad (The 3 main gods of Ancient Rome) and had some discussion. (how it compares/contrasts to what we know from the Bible, different ways we see the influence of the Capitoline Triad today ( like June being a popular month for weddings, the Owl being a symbol of wisdom, etc)). After that we learned some word roots that we can find in Graeco-Roman Mythology.

PANTHEON- the temple of ‘all gods’. PAN meaning all and THEO meaning god.

From that we understand some words we use today: pandemic, panorama, theology, atheist.

PANOPTES- a graeco-rooman god with 100 eyes. PANOPTES means “all seeing”. /OP/ or /OPT/ has to do with seeing, sight, eyes.

Where we see this in words today: Optics, “panoptes’ is a term/type of Video Sensor.

CYCLOPS- a mythological creature with one big, round eye. Cyclops means “round eye”. Cycl meaning ROUND or WHEEL and where we get Bicycle, and cycle as iin Life cycle, rinse cycle, to cycle through ….

We also talked about Jupiter being called Jupiter Optimus Maximus. I asked Ki were he had heard OPTIMUS before. Optimus Prime- Transformers. Optimus means THE BEST.

SKETCHERS 101- We learned Ebossing & Texture Rubbing. Then we did a little exercise in CUBISM. After that they spend their time sketching and drawing on their own, incorporating some of today’s techniques.

OTHER STUFF: Most of my plants look happy. My carrots in the potato bin are looking nice and I have lots of tomato blossoms turning into fruit.

DarkShore Update

We went camping up in King City for an Amtgard event. DarkShore 2010. The boys had a BLAST and I enjoyed watching them fight, beat-up,defeat, and defend all in the name of LARPing.

Gavin is improving, but I still overheard a player yell at him to "MOVE- Like you have a Purpose in life!!" which is similar to what I say to him sometimes.

Connor did awesome during the Jugging Tournament. Which is like Hockey and Foootball combines with Boffer Sword Fighting.

Ki enjoyed being a goblin, ogre, and pixie guard. Sometimes I think he likes watching more than playing.

I have a few pictures to post here and after them are links to the LOTS OF PICTURES from the Camping.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Term Day 4 (cudgel)

I took some pictures in my backyard this morning; mainly so I'd have a picture for today's blog. My thoughts today are on on EASY FAST recipes. They always seem to have Cream of Mushroom soup, or canned peas, or sour cream. Which makes them sound yucky. How about a peanut butter & jam sandwich with an apple. That is fast, easy, has protein, fruit, fiber, etc... throw in a glass of milk and a carrot and you're good to go and quickly (and with pretty much all the food groups).)PLUS no need for lots of dishes and it's a portable meal!

My pictures today don't really go with my thoughts, I guess. The new Other Posts You May Like thing at the end of each of my blog posts uses pictures to show other blog entry suggestions. So I decided it's be a good thing to have pictures for my blogs.

Besides Fast, Fattening, Full of Creamed-ness meals, my other thoughts of the day are on School. Or the shortness thereof. It's another Short School Day as we are leaving for camp after lunch.

Ki is working on his gods of Mythology VS God (in our Bible) cards. He needed a symbol for Hercules so we wiki-ed Hercules. Those Romans sure do like their nude statues! At least he wore a teeny grape leaf in one of them. Anyway, most statues and paintings include his "cudgel", or club. So that is what Ki went with for the symbol.

G&C researched more astronomical facts and figures. They turned in their 2 Constellation Reports today.

After their morning class, I'll hand out Sketch Journals. Their assignment during Amtgard Camp will be to sketch daily, with a written description. Amtgard Camp is called DARKSHORE this time and it's the annual Battle Games Camping. They are doing Monster Battles. Ki will be on the MONSTER team as either an ORC or an OGRE. Ki is also a Pixie Guard to the PRINCE. Pictures should be entertaining.

We lost one of our tents. When I say 'we', I do not include myself. I packed it properly. The menfolk got it out to air it after the last camping trip and some how the poles and stakes didn't make it back into the bag with the tent.

There will be no more blog entries until Sunday or Monday- when we get back from camping.

I like how the morning sun (low angle) was on this flower (succulent plant) but the grass in the background was still in the darkness from the long shadows of the back wall. Making the flower in LIGHT and the background in SHADE

On Ki's sunflower was a little red beetle with block spots.

I have a lot of roses in bloom right now.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Term Day 3 (Misty Mountains)

Meltdown adverted; Ki's Mythology Class went well today. We are studying Graeco-Roman Mythology. We did some Myth Story Reading, Some Lapbook work, Some writing, Some Bible Research, and some discussion time.

Ki is looking forward to showing his finished Lapbook to his Sunday School Teacher at church.

Gavin loves independent research of science topics. He is just eating up the Astronomy Class as it is pretty much all "research astronomical stuff and write down what you learn". He goes on and on, telling anyone who will listen about his latest tidbits of knowledge. He and Connor have their 1st 2 Constellation Reports finished.

We met Brian for lunch on Base, then we went to Petra's house for Art Class. Today was Misty Mountains: water painting techniques. When they take classes from someone else, I like to sit back and just observe how they do under someone else's instruction. It's good for them to be taught by someone not me and good for me to get a break from being the one teaching and to observe how they are for someone else.

They had fun and did well.
<<-- Ki's

<<-- Gavin's

<<-- Connor's

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Term Day 2 (The Carrot)

Today is Tuesday. It is a day of lower expectations in the area of schoolwork. Tuesday is the day I ride my bike to Morning Bible Study. The boys are on their own from 8:30-noon. Ki just doesn't get much done on his own. I try to leave him things that involve simple fill ins or watching informative videos. Today, I left him some reading and note taking for Mythology & working on his Lapbook (FAIL). But he did read in his "reading time" book. He did try to the mythology, but got confused and couldn't get the one Power Point to work. He did read some of it and look at some of the pages online I had for him.

When I got home I helped him with getting the Power Point presentation to work, so he watched that. I have learned what I can reasonable expect from his "Solo Days" and to assign work accordingly. I didn't assign very 'accordingly' today. That's Life. Tomorrow we have 2 hours for Mythology Class and we'll work hard.

Due to the plethora of rain we've experienced, I was a bit out of Bike Riding Practice. The ride to church and back felt extra, extra long. I will be extra, extra tired during Ninja Class tonight.

After Lunch we had Sketchers 101 Class. We read about/took notes on Picasso and Cubism, looked at some of the more famous Cubist Pictures, and then I taught them a few more techniques from their drawing kit booklet. After they practiced the new techniques as instructed, in a similar manner as the example, they then had an assignment to draw a picture using 3-4 techniques of their choice (from all they have learned).

I picked a carrot today. It was a 'baby carrot' so I had planted it in a somewhat shallow container. It was the mutant of the baby carrots and grew bigger than the soil depth.

Monday, May 3, 2010


After our long weekend, we were all tired. K&C woke later than usual. Our school day started at 9:45 instead of 9. We just skipped Story of the World today; which is fine. Today was the first day of a very new session, so today was mainly about talking about the new things we are doing, passing out notebooks and schedules, going over goals and lessons for the month, and getting a start into their new areas of study.

Ki liked the little Schedule are in the front cover of his notebook. He enjoyed using the daily schedule I gave the boys to fill in his Chart in his notebook cover.

He also liked the Cross Word Puzzle. I should him how to find the down and the Across and how to count the spaces and uses letters from already filled in answers to make sure he the correct word. I had him read through all of the Puzzle Clues, so when we are doing our reading and studying throughout the month he’ll remember unsolved clues in the cross word and go fill them in. He actually recalled 3 while we were reading his book and was happy to remember and fill in his cross word puzzle

[LINK FOR THE CROSS WORD PUZZLE] -also click to see the CLUES and print them.

Gavin and Connor did well with their studies. Gavin was excited to show me his notes and progress and tell me what he’s learned and what he plans on studying and including in his reports.

We finished with Morning Session at 11:13 and I sent them out to play a few minutes before the next class (Creative Writing). They do so much better with school when they take breaks to be really active between classes. They did some boffer sword practice for about 15 minutes as their break.

For Creative Writing I had them do a page from the book I have. I made 2 copies of all the pages, so 2 boys can use worksheets and 1 can fill in the pages of the workbook. They’ll take turns with the book if they want. Being that today’s class is short class we just talked a little about good description, using better adjectives, writing things enjoyable to read that make the reader better able to imagine. Then they did the worksheet pages. Ki had a lot of trouble with it. He talked and talked and goofed and gabbed, because he couldn’t think of anything to write. I had to remind him that this was a time for les talk and more writing. But I hate how ‘Public School’ that sounds. They got to get lunch when they finished.

He actually did better after his brothers finished and left the table. He had no one to talk to or at so there was nothing to do but write, so he could go eat lunch.

(Ki had a teensy little sensory meltdown (more like a teensy stubborn fit), but he was able to get over it on his own and it was almost a non-issue. It's a good thing we did the "Physical Therapy Time" before this class!)

LUNCH HOUR- I finished my Bible Study Homework. And ate. Because I was hungry.

SKETCHERS was Post-Lunch.

I must say that I am pleased with how Sketchers Class went. KKi can have a very hard time with feeling like he doesn’t have enough choice and is being told how to do everything. He took an art class once and she tried to get him to use the different art/sketching pencils- NOT just the school pencil. He wouldn’t have any of it. He didn’t want to be told which pencil to use when he ‘knew’ he liked the mechanical pencil best and ‘knew’ it did the best job. And He’s not good with “draw a turtle”- he’ll want to draw what he feels like drawing.. Which is what art is; drawing what you feel and ‘see’, but that I not what art CLASS is all the time.

BUT he did very well and didn’t complain at all about being told the exact things to do.

Gavin is drawing using the CLOSE CONTROLLED GRIP. (above)

(above)- Ki's page using both the CONTROLLED grip and the LOOSE grip with different pencils and the pen. Ki liked using a ruler to separate the areas of his page and he recorded which pencil he used for the different drawings. I had tols the boys to make sure they had their mechanical pencils with them so they could try it for the different techniques as well. I would tell them to use their different 'art pencils' (whichever of the 3 they wanted and to write which it was ) and then would always give them a "Use whatever you want" task after they did their special art pencils.

(above) Gavin's DOODLES using different pencils. Then his Shading and Smudging Techniques.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm Ready. YAY for MAY(term)

YAY for unschooling!
YAY for Microsoft Word Processor!
YAY for researching!

Tomorrow is the very FIRST DAY of our very FIRST MAY TERM! May Term is like J-Term. May Term will be slightly different. The boys choose 2 classes and I assign a class. But I am doing 2 different classes for my assigned classes. one on MWF and a different one on T/Th. I have all the class lesson plans researched, written, and printed (syllabi) Astronomy is Independent. Mythology is just with Ki. and all 3 are doing Sketching.
I also have the Daily Schedule written. What classes for whom, at what time.

(This post full of links to other posts..... so you can go check out all the schedules and lists for yourself!)

The ASSIGNED class for Mon/Wed/Fri is Creative Writing- for all 3 boys. On Tues/Thurs they have different assigned classes. Ki's is Reading Time, Connor's is Science (to keep up with it a bit during May), and Gavin's is Extra Math. Gavin will have a short math time daily, with a little extra on T/Th. Gavin needs to get moving in his Algebra 2 in his ALEKS program.

I had to type up a TUESDAY schedule for Ki as I forgot to account for my absence on that day for MayTerm Class purposes.

AND I'll finish with the list of links I used to print worksheets for Ki's Mythology Class:

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ki's TUESDAY SCHOOL for this week in MAY TERM

TUESDAY: May 4th



Ki- go to & watch the Power Point Story Greek & Roman Mythology (Powerpoint)


READ the Creation Account in 1st Genesis.

List similarities. List Differences. (on notebook paper with legible writing. Turn paper in to your Turn In folder)

LAPBOOK WORK: look at this page:

Make a section in your lapbook that lists the Roams gods with their Greek god names.

You might like looking at this page about the family tree:

READ: 40 minutes in your reading book.


here is what I have worked out for daily time slots:

8-9: Breakfast, SOTW, Bible Reading

9-10:30 [K] Mythology- taught by me

[G&C] Astronomy – Independent

10:45-11:45 [MWF] Creative Writing

[T,Th] Reading(k),Science(c), Sewing (gavin)


1-2:30 [K,C,G] Sketchers 101

TUESDAY’s Schedule is: Mom’s at Bible Study for morning classes. GAVIN will do Math on Tuesdays and will do his Sewing after Art Class.

******* ******* ******* *******

Week 1:

Monday as planned

Wed- Lunch with Brian/Petra’s Art Class.

Thursday-Morning Classes Only- Leave for Darkshore. Bring Sketch Pads to practice while there.


Week 2 & 3:

Entire Week as Scheduled

TUESDAY are mom’s Bible Study-

WEEK 4- TBA (to be announced)


here is the Syllabus I wrote out for Ki. It's is a basic skeleton of ideas we want for those days. It won't always go exactly like planned here, but this will keep us moving in the right direction.

DAY 1:

· Talk about LapBook.

· Talk about the book you have been reading.

· Check out some links online. Choose a story for mom to read to you.

· Start Word List.

· Look Through recipes:


o watch video Pompei cooking.

o Take notes on foods and ingredients of the time.

o choose a few things to make later this week.

· Do a couple worksheets

DAY 2 Independent Work- (to be provided Tuesday Morning)

DAY 3-4 Reading with Mom. ONLINE RESEARCH. LapBook/WorkSheets. ACTIVITY is LEGOS this week


DAY 6 the start of WEEK 2 We’ll be adding Bible Verses and Bible Research into our Studies this week. Plan a Meal for Wed.

DAY 7- Tuesday Work- (to be provided Tuesday Morning)

DAY 8-10 WED- Cooking a Roman Meal- Reading with Mom. ONLINE RESEARCH. LapBook/WorkSheets/Bible Research

DAY 11 Week 3 starts! We’ll be adding Astronomy and Creatures to our Studies!

DAY 12 Independent Work- (to be provided Tuesday Morning)

DAY 13-15 - Reading with Mom. ONLINE RESEARCH. LapBook/WorkSheets/Bible Research. ACTIVITIES this week- Creatures Creations and maybe working on a POWER POINT.

WEEK 4 is yet to be determined- we MIGHT go camping.


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