Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Term Day 4 (cudgel)

I took some pictures in my backyard this morning; mainly so I'd have a picture for today's blog. My thoughts today are on on EASY FAST recipes. They always seem to have Cream of Mushroom soup, or canned peas, or sour cream. Which makes them sound yucky. How about a peanut butter & jam sandwich with an apple. That is fast, easy, has protein, fruit, fiber, etc... throw in a glass of milk and a carrot and you're good to go and quickly (and with pretty much all the food groups).)PLUS no need for lots of dishes and it's a portable meal!

My pictures today don't really go with my thoughts, I guess. The new Other Posts You May Like thing at the end of each of my blog posts uses pictures to show other blog entry suggestions. So I decided it's be a good thing to have pictures for my blogs.

Besides Fast, Fattening, Full of Creamed-ness meals, my other thoughts of the day are on School. Or the shortness thereof. It's another Short School Day as we are leaving for camp after lunch.

Ki is working on his gods of Mythology VS God (in our Bible) cards. He needed a symbol for Hercules so we wiki-ed Hercules. Those Romans sure do like their nude statues! At least he wore a teeny grape leaf in one of them. Anyway, most statues and paintings include his "cudgel", or club. So that is what Ki went with for the symbol.

G&C researched more astronomical facts and figures. They turned in their 2 Constellation Reports today.

After their morning class, I'll hand out Sketch Journals. Their assignment during Amtgard Camp will be to sketch daily, with a written description. Amtgard Camp is called DARKSHORE this time and it's the annual Battle Games Camping. They are doing Monster Battles. Ki will be on the MONSTER team as either an ORC or an OGRE. Ki is also a Pixie Guard to the PRINCE. Pictures should be entertaining.

We lost one of our tents. When I say 'we', I do not include myself. I packed it properly. The menfolk got it out to air it after the last camping trip and some how the poles and stakes didn't make it back into the bag with the tent.

There will be no more blog entries until Sunday or Monday- when we get back from camping.

I like how the morning sun (low angle) was on this flower (succulent plant) but the grass in the background was still in the darkness from the long shadows of the back wall. Making the flower in LIGHT and the background in SHADE

On Ki's sunflower was a little red beetle with block spots.

I have a lot of roses in bloom right now.

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