Monday, May 10, 2010

May term Day 5

May Term Day 5.

We did “afternoon school” today because I needed a few hours to get mentally prepared and I wanted to get my picture sorting finished. While I was doing that the boys were outside ‘amtgarding’ and making new boffer weapons. Connor made a flail and is working on sewing the fabric covers for it.

After lunch we did school. G&C worked on their Astronomy Independent Study while I did Mythology with Ki.

Mythology Class was fun and full of variety, like always. We started by researching Ancient Roman and Ancient Greek Recipes. We read about methods and ingredients, Ki took some notes, then he read through the different recipes and found a few he wanted to make.

After that we read about the Capitoline Triad (The 3 main gods of Ancient Rome) and had some discussion. (how it compares/contrasts to what we know from the Bible, different ways we see the influence of the Capitoline Triad today ( like June being a popular month for weddings, the Owl being a symbol of wisdom, etc)). After that we learned some word roots that we can find in Graeco-Roman Mythology.

PANTHEON- the temple of ‘all gods’. PAN meaning all and THEO meaning god.

From that we understand some words we use today: pandemic, panorama, theology, atheist.

PANOPTES- a graeco-rooman god with 100 eyes. PANOPTES means “all seeing”. /OP/ or /OPT/ has to do with seeing, sight, eyes.

Where we see this in words today: Optics, “panoptes’ is a term/type of Video Sensor.

CYCLOPS- a mythological creature with one big, round eye. Cyclops means “round eye”. Cycl meaning ROUND or WHEEL and where we get Bicycle, and cycle as iin Life cycle, rinse cycle, to cycle through ….

We also talked about Jupiter being called Jupiter Optimus Maximus. I asked Ki were he had heard OPTIMUS before. Optimus Prime- Transformers. Optimus means THE BEST.

SKETCHERS 101- We learned Ebossing & Texture Rubbing. Then we did a little exercise in CUBISM. After that they spend their time sketching and drawing on their own, incorporating some of today’s techniques.

OTHER STUFF: Most of my plants look happy. My carrots in the potato bin are looking nice and I have lots of tomato blossoms turning into fruit.

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