Thursday, May 27, 2010


I changed my gauntlet design. The last one was good, but I wanted something a little better. The thumb opening was a bit too big last time.I am pretty happy with this new design. It fits the hand/thumb better, BUT is a bit loose.
NOW I just hope I took good enough notes so I can make one for my left hand, too.
I cast on 44 (need to cast on 40 next time)
did a few rows of seed stitch.
a few rows of K1P1
Then started into many rows of stockingette.
I added(increases) a few stitches for a few rows each to get to the thumb opening.
I cast Off 3 for the base of the thumb hole then just did the flip Back and Forth for the thumb.
Added a few more stitches at the top of the thumb opening.
Joined it together.
did a few K2TOGs on the upper rows. (which were sets of 3Purls, 4 knits, 2 purls and a purl-stitch Cast Off)

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