Friday, May 14, 2010

Adventures in Knitting (1)

I am suprised I can get anything done. ~ I grew tired of the belt I was making for my Renaissance Dress and decided to do something harder. Which will be an adventure seeing as I forget if I am knitting or purling in the middle of a stitch half the time… or if I’m at a right handed or left handed part- in the middle of knitting. I also lose count in the middle of counting- because I get distracted

Following a pattern will be very difficult for me. I get bored after 2-3 rows of what the pattern says and I switch it all around and make things up. (I have only tried to follow a pattern once, for a hat- simpled rolled brim thing, too).

My friend Cindy kinda challenged me to follow a pattern. Maybe doing it based on a 'dare' will be easier than just following a pattern for the sake of following a pattern.

I decided to do a DNA Double Helix Scarf. Wish me Luck. DNA SCARF PATTERN PICTURE

I’m going to go look for yarn and needles today and tomorrow my friend will teach me how to read a pattern


Shopping for the yarn was awful. I had trouble finding yarn that was all it needed to be: 1- the right weight/size/skinniness 2- not itchy 3- a color I like 4- the correct composition (not 100% wool and not 100% cotton)

I came home with 2 different ones, each almost right in different ways.

and yarn/needles to make yoga socks; which I may not wear, we'll see. But they don't have toes or heels. Ki might like them.

The needles I bought for socks are a size 3 and circular. Circular needles always look smaller to me because the stick part is so short.

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