Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm Ready. YAY for MAY(term)

YAY for unschooling!
YAY for Microsoft Word Processor!
YAY for researching!

Tomorrow is the very FIRST DAY of our very FIRST MAY TERM! May Term is like J-Term. May Term will be slightly different. The boys choose 2 classes and I assign a class. But I am doing 2 different classes for my assigned classes. one on MWF and a different one on T/Th. I have all the class lesson plans researched, written, and printed (syllabi) Astronomy is Independent. Mythology is just with Ki. and all 3 are doing Sketching.
I also have the Daily Schedule written. What classes for whom, at what time.

(This post full of links to other posts..... so you can go check out all the schedules and lists for yourself!)

The ASSIGNED class for Mon/Wed/Fri is Creative Writing- for all 3 boys. On Tues/Thurs they have different assigned classes. Ki's is Reading Time, Connor's is Science (to keep up with it a bit during May), and Gavin's is Extra Math. Gavin will have a short math time daily, with a little extra on T/Th. Gavin needs to get moving in his Algebra 2 in his ALEKS program.

I had to type up a TUESDAY schedule for Ki as I forgot to account for my absence on that day for MayTerm Class purposes.

AND I'll finish with the list of links I used to print worksheets for Ki's Mythology Class:

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