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I decided to commit to blogging regularly about our J-Term experience this year. So here's the start: (written last week)

When I was in High school we had J-Term. each January we just took 2 classes. One in the morning and 1 after lunch. We got to choose our classes (there were a couple required classes, though). I loved J-Term! Switching between 5-6 classes every day was never fun. It always seemd the classes I liked always ended just as they were getting fun, the I'd have to go to a class I didn''t like. And then all that mental changing back and forth for each class. I loved getting to spend half the day on subject. I loved getting to take fun subjects like Astronomy or Speed Reading.

I did J-Term with my students (my boys) last year and it was a big hit! They look forward to doing it this year and have asked to do something like J Term a couple times a year- so I think this year we will do J-Term and May-Term.

This morning I compiled the list of classes from which the boys will choose. Last year Gavin & Connor did 2 classes that were 2 hours each and daily reading. Ki did one class that was 1.5 hours annd 2 classes that were 45ish minutes each. The 1.5 hour class was broken into 3 sectons. Ki still struggles with focus so having a 1.5 hour class was a really big deal & knew the only way he could get through it was t break it up. He did very well! He had chosen Church History for his Long class last year.

Last year I wrote a sperate list for each, mainly for Ki to hve a diffrent list. This year I wrote one list for all of them as Ki is ready to have more of the same things on list as Gavin and Connor.

here is their list I typed for them:

J-Term is quickly approaching. During the month of January you will have 2 classes of your choosing that 2 hours long each. There will also be a Creative Writing Class that is mandatory and there will be some sort of project that your dad is in charge of doing with you.

J-Term: Choose 2 of the following
o Algebra 1 (C & K)
o Algebra 2 (C & G)
o Astronomy
o Chemistry
o Church History
o Computer Programming/CAD
o Culinary Arts
o Geology
o Geometry
o History- American Wars
o History – World War 1
o Life of Fred (K only)
o Marine Biology (Life in the Ocean)
o Mythology
o Photography
o Physics
o Robotics/Electrical Engineering
0 Sewing
o World Culture

I was really hoping for 1 of them to take either Mythology or Photography last year and no oone did. I bet no one willl this year either. Maybe for May Term I'll do Mythology as a group required class.
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