Sunday, December 20, 2009

CULINARY ARTS (J-term post 3) *updated morelinks

CULINARY ARTS: Idea List & Links

TERMS: Pick out some terms for vocabulary/Spelling. (for the whole month)
INVITE? Think about inviting a friend to your dinner party. If so, make an invitation and mail it.

KITCHEN: & learn about a well stocked kitchen. Also some organizing of the pantry/cupboard and actually Stocking Our Pantry! (List Making & Shopping) (week 1)

GARNISHES & Techniques: learn some fancy garnish & Cooking techniques , research recipes(week 1,2,3. This is the bulk of the class) *proper tools & safety


Knife Skills:

Napkin Folding: & YouTube

NUTRITION: Learn about Food Pyramids & Balanced Meals (week 2)

HISTORY: learn a little culinary history/culinary from different countries. (Week 3)
Obama’s Inaugural luncheon:

Famous Meals: quiz-

SETTING for a formal dinner: & Practice & Plan a fancy set table to go with your fancy dinner. (week 3)

MAKING a Grocery List: compare what’s stocked in the kitchen to what’s on the recipe list. The write your list according to the store layout; all produce together, all canned goods together, etc.(Week 3)
Grocery list generators:

SHOP, PRINT, COOK: Print out your menus, make your grocery list, Choose some background music, make ahead anything that can be made ahead, shop, cook, serve, clean.
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