Sunday, December 20, 2009

SEWING CLASS (J-term post 2)

Ki has requested to add SEWING to his J-term Schedule (of Culinary Arts & Math). I told him we can do that. I plan on taking 2-3 days a week to teach different techniques & terms and then 1 day a week having Ki teach it to a friend. I am planning on 3 small sewing projects and wondered if there was a homeschool student in our group who would like to join us. (I’m not sure yet as to what Ki’s 4th week will be) It’ll work best if we just have 1 person join us per project. (So 1 child for all 3 classes or 3 different applicants/1 per class)
THEN, Connor decided he wanted to take sewing class. I will try to make his class 5 days a week (1 day a teaching class) and Ki's 3 days a week, plus teaching on Saturday.

Here is a list of what the sewing classes will be: (my simple syllabus at the end)

Appliqué Techniques: I think this will be a pouch, big enough for a small to medium book, which can be hung on a bedpost or doorknob. Techniques Studied in this Class: Appliqué Techniques, sewing with ribbon, variant on the pocket, general sewing.

Gathers & Pockets: An Apron most likely. This can be taken by a boy, too, though Aprons are generally girl things. We can make ‘girly aprons’ to give as presents. Techniques Studied in this Class: Making Gathers, Making Pockets, Top-stitching, general Machine sewing

Zippers & Buttons: Not sure the project, but we’ll be doing Zippers & Button (& the button holes) and we’ll finish up with some Sewing Machine Maintenance.
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