Monday, February 25, 2008

ALEKS math program

It is an online program. we have free trials. Gavin and Ki just started today.

Gavin went through his assesment and started his lessons. It seems really neat. He already got to see some of his 'pie slices' fill in after his lessons.I am having fun checking his progress and seeing what he did and sent him a little message.This may be good for him for his Freshman year next year. He can work totally independently and I can check his progress and send messages or assinments. and it's nice that it keeps track of his time, so if I tell him to do 4 hours a week, it keeps track of the time for him.

Ki did half of his assesment. He takes a little longer with school. He should finish his assesment tomorrow. We will just do the 1 month trial for him. I know he still needs to sit with me one on one a couple more years and needs to change and vary what he does through out the year.Connor's trial should be here by Friday. So he'll start next week.

**Kimberly**~7th year homeschooling 3 boys~
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