Thursday, February 7, 2008

My boys are Elliptical

Feb 6, 2008
Gavin was up making a Lego Mind storm Robot. A ‘walking’ something or other. He called it a dog. Connor discovered if you hold it an angle you can use it to clean up Legos. Gavin’s walking dog seemed a bit frail and had some problems getting tripped up easily. Connor redesigned it worked better.
(and they have a 'fleet' of catapualts now and have their castles they are storming with the catapaults and the balls from the Geomags)

Then Gavin decided to pick up his crocheting. He is getting fast at it. Connor “querro mas rapido egual Gavin” (which I’m sure is most likely improper Spanish and not spelled correctly.) I told him Gavin has gotten fast because he “mucho practicar”. So Connor got his knitting to practicar.

So my two robotic engineering boys took a break to do some needlework.
I guess, if nothing else, they are well rounded. Or at least a bit elliptical.

After showers and some chores, I read from Jesus Freaks and then from Story of the World. Ki was in charge of 3 Brain Gyms.

Then Ki and I practiced his spelling words using sign language. Connor and Gavin quizzed each other using sign language. They have to say the word, then say each letter as they sign each letter.

They went through their words a couple of times then made lunch.

We went to homeschool gym. I did some thinking there on how to arrange independent work and still get some class lessons done. I need to sit at the coffee shop to do the rest, I think

The boys did some math and their reading.
Gavin and Connor didn’t read their DNA stuff I wanted them to get to today, but they can do that tomorrow.

I helped Ki plan a few European meals for next week. (From his Peoples of the World study)
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