Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ki is still not getting work done...

and that is Ok.
at least for this week. I told them they had the whole week to be in charge and do their school on their own. But I am biting my tongue with Ki. here's today's journal:

My husband had a snow delay at work. He didn’t have to be at work till 10. We don’t do school while Brian is here.

Gavin and I used the juicer for breakfast. Gavin did some online research on commercials. He’s always been curious how exactly game shows get their money they give away. So he is researching that today.

We did Story of the World and some Brain Gym activities. After that we talked about their school plans. Just a review of their daily work and had them go through to see what else they needed to do this week. I asked Ki what he wanted to do today from his list and asked if he wanted to make a list for today. He really liked that idea and had me write a list for him.
Brain Quest
‘beat the clock’/Froggy fractions
Explode the Code

We did Brain Quest and then he checked it off. He likes choosing from options and making a list/schedule from his choices. He’s been designing his school days like this since he was in 1st grade. His first 2-3 yrs of homeschooling was almost ALL him deciding what he was doing when, from a list . He has always done much better when h e he can choose and schedule things himself. The last couple years we go back and forth or do a mixture.

Gavin and Connor both decided to do their Spectrum Writing. They have 4 pages due on Friday. Ki moved onto his math. First he decided to do some occupational therapy and he has seen how much easier math is when he does it.

I’m starting to enjoy when people ask me what curriculum we use.

Gavin and Connor are doing an activity with the science kit. (“CSI” DNA activities)

Gavin and Connor were running through the house. So they have to “drop and give me 20” push ups. Gavin did 30 ‘girl push ups’. In sets of 6. He has very weak arms.

The boys played Game Stories at lunch. It’s like all 3 telling a story together- building off each other, etc and threis one person in charge of the story that gives directions, tells them the consequences- what happened when Gavin went around the hill while running from the mech, what happened to Connor when he ejected? (Ki is often the “game master”)

Once again, the older two worked hard on their green work and forgot to complete their red work before they turned on TV.

Ki is still having problems. I think he needs to me to make a schedule and he can just fill in which topic he wants to do in the time slots.

He made a YUMMY dinner though!
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