Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dirigibles. what a fun word!

Feb 5, 2008

Yet ANOTHER rainy day! Rainy days make me tired.

I wrote a list on the board for the boys. I rested then ate a little then took a shower. After my shower I practiced knitting.

Here is their list from the board:
G&C read SOTW (Story of the World; they take turns reading aloud)
C lead 3 Brain Gym Activities
CGK- wrote sentences with your spelling word sets. EX: catch-caught “Will you catch a cold like the one you caught last year?”
GCK- 3 games of Beat the Clock (a quick multiplication game on the Leap Pad)
K- Froggy Fractions 8 problems from either page 12 or 13.
C- 2 Math Detective Games (a CD Rom from the Critical Thinking Skills company. It works on reading comprehension, too)
G- Algebra Cliff Notes Dividing polynomials by monomials and Dividing Polynoms by Polynoms. Page 61-64.

** When I was in school you had to get all As and A+s to be on the honor roll. It may have even been all A+s. Now they give the status of Honor Roll to anyone who as above an 85 or 90%. That’s a B+ approx. And considering the dumbing down of curriculum in most public schools, is it really an honor to get a B+?

I talked to the boys they would like to have weekly sheets again. So I need to plan out how to have weekly sheets with work they can do as they want and when they want and also still have group lessons. I will be able to figure it out easily, I’m sure and with how busy our weeks have gotten with gym days and games days it’ll probably work better. Any excuse to make more schedules and list!

Gavin and Connor did a DNA activity together from our CSI Kit. It was a pedigree chart. I will suggest they do one for their friends at church. And see if they can broaden the one they did for their family to include grandparents.

I taught Ki how to cast on with his knitting needle. He did better that I thought, too. I’ll probably teach him the knit stitch tomorrow. I asked him to do the casting on one more time for practice. I am impressed.

We then did a page from his Peoples of the World book and looked up some things online to go with what he is studying.

I taught Connor the casting on and he did it twice. His 2nd time wasn’t even as good at Ki’s first try, but he insisted I teach him the next part, the first ‘real’ knit stitch row. So I did. As wiggly as his little fingers, he managed. And he kept at it. He had to start over once, but he says it is easier than crocheting and he’ll do it more tomorrow.

Gavin was crocheting while I was teaching Connor to knit, which I just learned this morning. It’s like the blind leading the blind. Or the visually impaired leading the blind, I guess.

Gavin is also designing and building a model airplane from balsa wood. Not a kit, but where he draws and measures and cuts the balsawood to shape and pins and glues the pieces together.
Brian is working on his dirigibles.

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