Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yesterday I said how he did poorly on his online math assesment. I did not read any of it to him- wanted to see what he could do totally on his own (he has trouble with reading comprehension )

well he did poorly. He started his lessons with the program today and I sat with him. It showed the first problems. and said to Evaluate the problem or something like that.

Connor said. "I know how to do it, but I just don't know what they mean by evaluate. "

I told him it was just a different way of saying to find the answer or solve the problem.

He was like: "WHAT??!!! really?? that's why I did bad! I kept clicking "I haven't learned this yet"- becuase i didn't know what they meant by evaluate!" (we always say 'solve' or 'find the answer' or just 'do the problem'

goofy boy~ he's over there saying how Muy Faci (very easy) it all is. He's just 'mastered' 5 thingsin 5 minutes-- due to the fact he really already knew it- just skipped it because of his misunderstanding of the terminology...

~7th year homeschooling 3 boys~
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