Monday, February 11, 2008

Crepes & Battletech

here is my log of DAY 1 of the weekly chart:
Ki made his crepes this morning. Yummy!

Connor started on his independent work list after breakfast. Ki took a shower, so I had to wait to do “teacher-led morning school”

I read out of Story of the World, did a little Brain Gym, wrote the spelling words on the board, and went over the way the weekly charts will work and the different things thay have to do. And showed them where some of the stuff is. I have Ki doing Explode the Code, so gave him that workbook. And the older two have copied pages from a Spectrum writing 7th grade book to do. And I explained the Brain Quest.

Ki says he’ll try to his math for the whole week all today. Gavin and Connor are doing their weeks worth of Brain Quest all day.

I told them if they get their stuff done like they are supposed to we will continue the weekly charts, but if they don’t do well, we’ll have too go back to day by day schedule (not that we were all that scheduled/structured in the first place) They are excited to have so much control over the school. I will have a lot of time on my hands. I guess I can get the house cleaned and exercise.

I want to get some files and notebooks organized to make it easier for them to get their work and turn it in to me.

The day went well. Connor has his computer math done for the week. He just has a couple simple worksheets in math. And G&C have their Brain Quest done for the day.
I wonder if I didn’t give them enough. But they still do reading/writing and a bit of math daily. It’ll be fine.
Ki made scones and cucumber sandwiches for our English Tea lunch.

Ki hasn’t done much. Connor got on the computer before his daily work was done.
Ki made crepes, whipped cream, scones, and cucumber sandwiches. So that did take up a lot of his time.

Not sure what to do about Connor. It’s a simple rule. “You can get on the computer when your daily work is done”- daily work is Read, write for 20 minutes, play 2 math games that are 60 seconds each. I think just “no more computer for him today” We had a new, different schedule today and it takes a couple days to get adjusted.

Connor got so busy doing his Green Work (go at your own pace-have done by Friday) that he forgot his daily work.
I played Battletech for TWO HOURS with Gavin. My brain is so tired! I was told it would barely take an hour--tops! too many numbers for my brain. Every move has about 5 different die rolls and you have calculate difference each time for heat or damage or ability. It is Gavin's MOST FAVORITE thing in the world though.
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