Thursday, February 14, 2008

DOLLY the Cloned Sheep

Connor was reading in bed with his cat when I woke up this morning. Too bad I didn’t have my camera.

Heart Shaped Pancakes for breakfast

Watched: History Channel. a Short video of the History of Valentines day with the Pagan celebration and the Martyr St. Valentine.

“Room Cleaning” time. I like how when I give them a task they try to get out of it by saying: ‘But I was going to do my reading (or math or whatever school assignment) right now!” It doesn’t work. How many years till they get it?

Last night Ki told me what he wanted to do in school today. So I made a list on the dry erase board for him to number in which order he’d like to do his chosen work. He said that’s how he thinks school and the weekly chart will work best for him. He says a list at the beginning of the week and he’ll write in each day’s box what he wants to do that day and I’ll remind him in the morning and he’ll decide what order. I think that’ll work.

I love to see my kids figure out and design their own education.

I want to buy the rest of the Story of the World Series. I just have Volume 1.

10:30 we did my Pilates Workout. It’s an upbeat cross between aerobics and pilates I guess. I figured we’d do that instead of Brain Gym today. We only did 5 minutes I bet. We finished with CrissCross marches. It got our hearts pumping.

Then Ki worked on his Apple Strudel for tonight’s dinner while Gavin and Connor read their DNA book and did the internet links that go with it.

GAMES to play about DNA

We have homeschool Gym today.

Ki will do a little more school when we get home.
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