Wednesday, February 13, 2008

just ....too...tired...

When I woke and came to the living room, Connor was there working on something. He told me had had already finished his red schoolwork for today. (red is the stuff they must do daily) and he had finished a lot of green work, too. (green is what they do at their own pace and have done by Friday). He was excited to get it all done today and have a free day. He thought today was Thursday. He is even more excited now he will get almost 2 days free (aside from the red work- which just takes about 1 hr 20 minutes).

Ki is still very far behind, but he asked me to help him and remind him today so he is doing better.

I’m not sure where Gavin is in his list of work.

I played a Pirate Card game with Connor and Ki. Gavin just watched.

They our out playing in the snow. Ki got his Italian Meatballs started. I figured it be best to make them today so he’d have less to make tomorrow.

I helped with the meatballs, or he helped me. Not sure which.

And I am making waffles and bacon for dinner.

So- the weekly work chart is going a little better now.

And I’m too tired to write much about today.
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