Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Autodidactic Day

Gavin and Connor took turns reading from Story of the World. Gavin read about the terracotta soldiers of China, so we looked them up online. Gavin was in charge of Brain Gym today. He did crisscross marches, Body Scales and offered the choice of deep breaths or Hook Ups.

They boys did their reading while I read my email and showered. Then we left for Java CafĂ©. We had our knitting needles and yarn. The Knitting Ladies didn’t show. So Gavin crocheted a bit.

I played Othello with Connor and them with Gavin. Ki was having fun playing with the Boggle cubes. He was finding words, but his didn’t use a timer and any words counted. Words like “a” or names like “Jim”. He wrote them down on his paper. When I was done playing with Gavin, I helped Ki find more words. There was a 2nd Boggle game and that is what Connor used. It was missing a cube, so he used a Scrabble tile chosen at random when he shook the Boggle Cubes.

We had a bagel snack there. Actually, I just had a Caramel Latte and the boys had bagels. Gavin had turkey, lettuce, tomato, and onion on his bagel.

Then we went to Krystal Keep to play some games with other homeschoolers. We get there a little early. The boys like to peruse the goodies and talk to Ron.

Just one parent joined us today. Gary and his 5 yr old daughter, Elizabeth. We played a few games. We finished around 4 and I chatted with Gary about other homeschool area events.

After dinner, Ki wanted to watch about Alexander the Great, so he popped in the History Channel DVD about Alexander and I went to the store.

Brian will do math with the boys before bed. Ki asked to learn about octagons and hexagons. I hope Brian will touch on them as it will encourage Ki to be autodidactic.
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