Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Game Day for March

here are the planned games: I think it'll be fun!

just sharing with ya---

March 4 & 14 - CHRONONAUTS (by; LooneyLabs). Reinforces the timeline and enhances reasoning skills and time travel skills.* Chrononauts Awards:

Origins Award: Best Traditional Card Game of 2000
Also nominated for the Origins Award for Best Graphic Presentation of a Card Game
Parent's Choice Award: Silver Honor
Games magazine's Games 100

*In Chrononauts, each player becomes a time traveler, with a unique identity and a secret mission. During the game, players travel backwards and forwards through history, doing all those things people have always dreamed of using a time machine to do: Visiting the great moments of the past, peeking into the future, collecting impossible artifacts and priceless works of art (at the moment just before history records their destruction), coming to grips with the paradoxes of time travel, and of course, changing pivotal events and altering the course of history itself. How would the timeline be different if Lincoln and JFK had not been assassinated? Or if Hitler had been assassinated? (not all the ‘ripple affects’ are good). Everything that happened in our history, good and bad is an important building block of our present and future. I have 2 different timelines available to play. (no need to have your own Chrononauts game for this event) Early American and Recent American History.

Check out the link to learn more about this game.Early: http://www.wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/EAC/Default.html
Recent: http://www.wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/Chrononauts/About.html

March 18&28- NANOFICTIONARY (by: LooneyLabs) a fun little story telling game with neat characters and cool scenarios. http://www.wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/Nanofictionary/About.html

* Where are we?
Who is there?
What's going on?
And how is it all going to end?

These are the crucial questions each player answers, choosing from the cards they're dealt to tell a very short story. Players combine and recombine Settings, Characters, Problems and Resolutions to create the best story they can, while other players mix things up with wacky Action cards. Everyone votes for their favorites, including onlookers, and the winner is the player who's story garners the most points!Some imagination required.

I love this game. I have blanks so we can also make our own characters, settings, problems (conflict), etc. I use this often and in different ways for creative writing.

ECO FLUXX- FLUXX is the game of Ever Changing Rules. This is the Ecological Version. all the kids I have played Fluxx enjoy it. It’s a fast game that is easy to play and very portable (just a deck of cards-fits in a pocket). I’ll have it with me the entire month and will play a quick game or two at the beginning or end of the ‘main plan gamed’ as it’s just a lot of fun. (and can be used on eco-themed Science Days or for Creative Writing ideas at home or just for fun)
Here is the URL for more Eco-Fluxx info:

* directly from the website

~7th year homeschooling 3 boys~
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