Monday, February 25, 2008


that is what the last couple weeks have been.
I already know Gavin can do whatever I give him.
But the other two- I know they can get more work done with me sitting right there and doing it with them the whole time and telling them exactly when to do what- they can do more that way then they can independently. and that is fine. they are young. I don't expect them to do the same amunt of math problems and criticial thinking work on their own.
The trick is finding out how much I can expect them to do without out expecting the same as when I'm there guiding their every step and without expecting too little.

Gavin can do the same amount, but Gavin has been pretty independent the last few years (amaxing for a teenage boy about whom the psych said "WOW, he has ADD bad, doesn't he!")

We tried this 2 yrs ago (beginning of the school year- so about2.5 yrs)

Gavin did pretty well, just daily reminders to check his list and work on things.
Connor tried. (was 10 at the time)- but he just could not handle doing much without me there, basically holding his hand.
I didn;t even bother trying with Ki (8)

Now- Gavin(14) is doing great- no reminders needed at all.

Connor (13) is doing fairly well, he just gets distracted easily, so I have to remind him to stay on task sometimes.

Ki (11) - well, all he can handle is his daily RED and then making a list of his GREEN work and I get him going for each item and often sit with him and help him still.

But I am seeing what the younger two can handle well without having too much or too little.

which changes every few months it seems- with those 2...LOL.
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