Monday, May 17, 2010

AdVenTurEs In kNitTinG (2) AND MayTerm!!

you are in for such a treat! A double post...... Part KNITTING and part MAY TERM schooling!
First, in knitting, I bring your attention to the barfing Yoga Sock

And then to the completed yoga sock that only fits backwards. (wearing the ankle end on the toe end of the foot.)

My other adventures in knitting include learning new stitches for the DNA scarf as well as getting my swatch started for it.

NOW ONTO the excitement that can barely be contained in a single blog.....

........ MAY TERM!!

Today G&C got to skip Astronomy to attend the watching of CLASH of the TITANS (1981) with Ki for his Mythology class.

That was followed my picking of potatoes for dinner

After Poncho Potato Picking on the Precipitation, the boys penned correspondence with our Japanese exchange Student.

and then it was LUNCH followed by SKETCHERS 101, where they practiced their Vanishing Point sketches. Ki needs more practice.... or just more desire.

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