Tuesday, May 25, 2010

goddess of love & beauty

Ki is working on a Game for his Mythology LapBook. It's a Astronomy/Mythology Matching Game.
It's like Memory Match, but one card will have the name of a planet or moon and the MATCH will be what Roman god it is.
For Example he has a card that says DEIMOS (moon) and the matching card is "SON of the god of war (Mars)" and another that says VENUS (planet)--and he made this in fancy letters, too... the MATCH is, of course, goddess of love & beauty. He has 9 matches done and 6 more to make.
These are cut in circles out of card stock, round like a moon or planet.

He will highlight a constellation in his lapbook, cut out of a star shape, of course. He is using my Creative Memories Cutting things. It's good for his manual dexterity and fine motor skills. I think I will call it Occupational Therapy for Dyspraxia.

The Pantheon Lego Model isn't going well. We may have to find a different medium for this project.

I noticed today that though I have made sure Ki is doing scripture work with his MayTerm Study, I have not had the older 2 doing it with their Astronomy. So tomorrow they will get to use my Strong's Concordance to look up some Bible Passages.


My gloves are done. I have already thought of a better design I want to try...
Yes, I know, I could just LOOK UP patterns online or at RAVELRY, but what's the fun in that? I am figuring out on my own what works for fingerless gloves and what doesn't. I like reinventing the wheel, I guess.

In June I will be working on my DNA scarf. For this I will be following a pattern, to the letter!

And I will be teaching Ki to knit a hat "In the Round" in June.



Tuesdays are Independent Work days. I go to Bible Study in the morning and The Boys do their morning chores and morning school all on their very own.

G&C have been doing their Morning MayTerm class all on their own the whole month. (Astronomy). I wrote out things for them to research and projects/reports for them to work on for the month, but they are doing everything on their own.

K really needs one on one, constant supervision to get anything of reasonable substance accomplished. On Tuesdays I try to give him a list of things he can do himself, based on what we have been doing together. Usually it is working on his lapbook and reading online links I have found for him. I give him a decent amount to do, expect 1/4 of it to get done, so when he actually gets half of his work done, I'm good with it.

Today when I came home they were all researching how to draw Anime Style and practicing that. Ki had finished his reading book, too. (Number 3 in the Series of Unfortunate Events).

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