Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AdVenTurEs In kNitTinG (3)

Finished the glove!!!! And thought I see all kinds of little mistakes all over it, I am very pleased with it. It's my own pattern.

Underside View:


Fulll View:

Cuff Close Up:

Finger Opening Close Up:


here is what I did.
Cast On 40 stitches. (join carefully without twisting)
3 rows KNIT
2 rows PURL
3 rows KNIT
2 rows PURL
3 rows KNIT

after that the main pattern/design is started. It is:
K3P2 for the entire row.

row 1 &2 - K3P2 the entire row.
at the end of row 2 FLIP the needles (so the rows will no longer join, this makes the thumb opening)
rows 3 (the first flipped row and is knitting the wrong side) P3K2 then flip it
row 4 (RS) K3P2 flip
row 5 (ws) P3K2 flip

Continue in this manner for a total of 25 rows (for a normal, non-petite, sized hand. for a smaller hand do 20 rows of this)

row 26 is not flipped so it joins in the round. It should be the Right Side (if not, just flip another row to get to the RS and then start in the joined pattern)
do 25 rows of K3P2
3 rows of Knit Stitches
Then I did 2 rows of K1P1
and 3 rows of seed stitch.
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