Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Term Day 2 (The Carrot)

Today is Tuesday. It is a day of lower expectations in the area of schoolwork. Tuesday is the day I ride my bike to Morning Bible Study. The boys are on their own from 8:30-noon. Ki just doesn't get much done on his own. I try to leave him things that involve simple fill ins or watching informative videos. Today, I left him some reading and note taking for Mythology & working on his Lapbook (FAIL). But he did read in his "reading time" book. He did try to the mythology, but got confused and couldn't get the one Power Point to work. He did read some of it and look at some of the pages online I had for him.

When I got home I helped him with getting the Power Point presentation to work, so he watched that. I have learned what I can reasonable expect from his "Solo Days" and to assign work accordingly. I didn't assign very 'accordingly' today. That's Life. Tomorrow we have 2 hours for Mythology Class and we'll work hard.

Due to the plethora of rain we've experienced, I was a bit out of Bike Riding Practice. The ride to church and back felt extra, extra long. I will be extra, extra tired during Ninja Class tonight.

After Lunch we had Sketchers 101 Class. We read about/took notes on Picasso and Cubism, looked at some of the more famous Cubist Pictures, and then I taught them a few more techniques from their drawing kit booklet. After they practiced the new techniques as instructed, in a similar manner as the example, they then had an assignment to draw a picture using 3-4 techniques of their choice (from all they have learned).

I picked a carrot today. It was a 'baby carrot' so I had planted it in a somewhat shallow container. It was the mutant of the baby carrots and grew bigger than the soil depth.

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