Friday, May 21, 2010

Knitwit. Make that a KnitTwit.

I am working on the second glove. It was going SOOO Nicely. It looked better than thee first.... then I dropped a few stitiches, lost a stitch, and developed a hole. It was all because I thought I was not such a hot-shot knitter that I could knit while watching TV.

NOPE. No Can Do.

So I will take out the last few rows and restart.
I don't even think Cindy can easily fix this one.

* * * * * * * * * *
is still going well. I hoped to get Ki to make a model of the Pantheon out of paper and straws. He tried. But with his dyspraxia, some things are just so hard for him and SO frustrating it's not worth it. He said he'd make it with Legos. The Pantheon has an Oculus. it's cool. Ki wrote some vocab words for the architecture.

Yesterday we had a long drive to visit a short doctor.I had Ki read in Acts 17 about Paul in the Greek temple of 'all the gods'. We talked about how it wasn't THE Pantheon, since it was for 'all gods' it could be called a pantheist temple. Then I showed him how to use the Strong's Bible Concordance to look up verses and had him look up verses that talk about the greek goddess Diana (Artemis). I think he liked that, being able to look up verses like that. I taught him how to look up verses online the other week for his lapbook.

While in Santa Barbara, I pointed out that the entrance to the parking garage had a portico; which was one of his vocab words from the day before.

ASTRONOMY- Gavin is still eating it up with 2 spoons. He loves showing me all the notes and drawing in his Astronomy notebook and due to the Sketch Class this month, his Astronomy notebook is full of little sketches.

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