Wednesday, May 12, 2010

M*T Day 7. Creme & Contour

The Dining Table here is strangely quiet. Quiet, in and of itself, is very rare and strange in a house of 3 boys and a crazy mom. The silence is quickly broken as on of my male offspring asks if he can include that he smelled farts in his paper. I told him to use the word “flatulence” as this is Creative Writing class. This question is quickly followed by another from the same male child, this time asking for a fancy word for “hugging”. His will be an interesting paper of flatulence and embracing.

The activity on C.W. class today is to make 3 lists of descriptive words to go with a scene from Darkshore. The Scene Choices were; “In a Battle”, “At a Courtly Feast”, or “Camping in tents”. The 3 lists were; sights, smells, and sounds. We talked about taking Creative Liberties in writing. I told then I wants to do so. This would be things like listing pine trees under smell even though they may not have smelled them. There were pine trees there and they have smelled Pine Trees in the past so they can say they smelled the pine trees on the Battlefield. Their creative Liberties are to be reasonable, not crazily far-fetched. Ki had a tendency towards the Crazily Far-Fetched side of things. They added their Point Of View to the top of their page then were told to use their lists to write a descriptive sotry from their chosen point of view about their chosen scene.

Guess that scenes they chose.

Yep. In the Battle. All 3 of them.

That was the second class of the day. The first class time of the day was after lunch. Homeschooling is awesome. We can just do school a little later in the day when I have errands in the morning. I biked to the Beauty Supply Store because my Hairdresser, Margie of the Magical blades and Royal Shears, told me that my hair was kinda awful and I needed to buy lots of expensive goopy stuff to fix it, along with a ceramic flat iron. She said the flat iron I use to iron Brian’s shirts doesn’t count. So I have gome from spending about 5 minutes on my hair to brush it & pull it back in a pony tail to having to use Deep Conditioner Treatments , combing it out nice and smoothly, and using the flat iron. I now have less time and less money than I did before. BUT I have a Popular Girl Haircut. My hair is still going through shock and adjustments. It has not looked popular for many years, maybe 30. This may take some getting used to. After looking through a bazillion shampoo choices & half a billion flat iron choices I had to call Magical Bladed Margie to calm me down and help me focus. Then I went to the THRIFT STORE!! YAY! I bought a leopard print stretchy knit dress and 2 belts for my Amtgard garb.

MYYTHOLOGY class – Ki wrote, colored, drew, and looked up Bible verses. Later he’ll read through is recipes and make rose water.

Sketchers 101 was Continuous Contour Drawing. Drawing simple objects and shapes without lifting up the pencils. Ki did not enjoy this so much. He likes drawing, but HIS way. Same with his lapbook. Part of his assignment is to use colors and pictures/drawings/designs. he like just pencil and no details or drawings so he is having to do things he doesn't really enjoy. When he talks and makes up games he is very very imaginative and creative, but when it comes to drawing and writing he has a lot of trouble going beyond the bare minimal basics. Times like MayTerm, when he chooses fun classes he likes is a good time to get him to practice the stuff he doesn't like, like writing and drawing more details and more creatively.

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