Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Term Day 3 (Misty Mountains)

Meltdown adverted; Ki's Mythology Class went well today. We are studying Graeco-Roman Mythology. We did some Myth Story Reading, Some Lapbook work, Some writing, Some Bible Research, and some discussion time.

Ki is looking forward to showing his finished Lapbook to his Sunday School Teacher at church.

Gavin loves independent research of science topics. He is just eating up the Astronomy Class as it is pretty much all "research astronomical stuff and write down what you learn". He goes on and on, telling anyone who will listen about his latest tidbits of knowledge. He and Connor have their 1st 2 Constellation Reports finished.

We met Brian for lunch on Base, then we went to Petra's house for Art Class. Today was Misty Mountains: water painting techniques. When they take classes from someone else, I like to sit back and just observe how they do under someone else's instruction. It's good for them to be taught by someone not me and good for me to get a break from being the one teaching and to observe how they are for someone else.

They had fun and did well.
<<-- Ki's

<<-- Gavin's

<<-- Connor's

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