Friday, June 17, 2011


[I think...] The Time Traveler's Wife was not enjoyable. way too much "Chick-Flick" (and too much kissing). not enough Sci-fi (or good sci-fi)

[I think...] I did enjoy spending snuggly time with Brian while watching said unenjoyable movie. Brian painted sunsets on my toenails the other night. I thought I'd be nice and get a movie he'd like. Brian likes those romance flicks, sometimes. We both like Sci-Fi. I would rather gouge out my eyes than watch a Chick-Flick. This one- the sci-fi bit was a dorky disguise to get people to watch a Chick-Flick. So, I guess the book was the same. Chick-Lit with a cheap Sci-Fi overlay.

[I think...] my boys will appreciate it if I write a dinner menu for next week, so it's not all "get your own food when you are hungry, because I don't have anything in mind to make for dinner".

[I think...] I prefer a Word-for-Word translation of the Bible, as opposed to a Thought-for-Thought. How can people today decide they know what the writers where really thinking?

[I think...] crackers are good for tummy aches, but I'm not sure why. I have been getting random stomach aches lately. usually after I eat.

[I think...] I need to cut dairy out of my diet - completely.

[I think...] It is not for us to Make Our Kids have a Love for Reading. We shouldn't make them want to be a doctor because we are/wanted to be. We shouldn't make them love dinosaurs because we do. Why should it be any different with reading. A Love For ______ should come from the individual; their personal thoughts, abilities, desires. No where else do hear about parents working to make their kids love something like that (well, not usually).
-- I love to read, so I do read. To my kids, to myself, I have books and teach my kids to read and how to find books about what they like, I share my love by taking them to the library and exposing them to books and literature. But whether or not they LOVE to read is up to them. I love God, but do not want to make my boys love God. I want to share with them my love for God and hope they decide to love Him as I do. I just don't get how we are to MAKE our kids love things. They will love things of their own choices; which we can influence of course.

[I think...] my boys are making a big mess, right now, cooking dinner. I am glad they are doing the cooking though. They decided to cook ALL of the spaghetti, the strainer was too small, the LARGEST bowl was too small. Noodles are hanging from drawer and counter and strewn across the floor.

[I think...] I need to clean the cupboard in the bathroom.

[I think...] more people need to comment on my blog.
[I think...] maybe I should write more interesting blog entries.

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