Monday, June 20, 2011

My Lazy Day

I had such high hopes to get through this Chemistry CD-Rom. I must admit to you that basically can not stand curriculum or a spelled out list of "do these 32 steps in order".
So using a CD-Rom 'textbook' is so NOT up my alley.
I really want to get through chemistry course so I can add it to the High School Transcript. I just get so bored. I do add extra experiments ans stuff, which helps. some.

Today's Lesson from Chemistry "textbook" was about elements. I had listed some extras in my notebook. A YouTube Song (Meet the Elements, by They Might Be Giants, because one can never have too much They Might Be Giants in one's life)

A Decomp reaction of changing Sodium Bicarbonate into Washing Soda. Click Here . and HERE.

Another experiment found online.

And printing out some worksheets on the Periodic Table of Elements. I planned on just some basic questions like:
"List the gases"
"What does Pb stand for?"
"What is the atomic weight of Calcium?"

I have had zero desire to teach using the CD-Rom. So I printed out 5 pages of questions about elements and the periodic table for the boys. It required research Beyond just looking at the Table. They will do that in lieu of the Teaching Disc. (which is Apologia, which I LIKE, but need to go the "do it ourselves/independent way" sometimes. Sometimes I just read the lesson myself, them find fun things to teach it to the boys. But I decided it's time they get a little practice taking notes.... seeing they are in high school now with college looming around the corners, but there is only so much 'curriculum/text' I can handle.

SO, instead of teaching today, I printed worksheets for the boys. And they will do the sodium bicarbonate thing without me. We already listened to the song. Multiple Times.

Lazy Homeschooling on my part. Yeah Me.


I used the water sprinklers today. I usually opt NOT to,because I always forget to turn them off in time. I didn't do too badly with it today. I asked Ki to turn them off for me when I realized it was past time to stop the water flowing in the yard.

I joined and spent time updating my Book List. Then I read a new book. And fell asleep.

The dinner plan today is LASAGNA with turkey meat .

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